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  1. C Lewis

    My first knifeless tape job

    I'm interested. Thanks for the heads up on this knifeless tape. I keep forgetting about it...I need to pick up a roll
  2. C Lewis

    SignBlazer and Windows 7 machine

    Thanks mb20. I ended up running the usb cable to commusb port. as soon as i hooked it up the computer downloaded the drivers needed. workin now. thanks man for the push in the right direction
  3. Hello All. Wow Its been awhile since Ive been on here. Lowdown: Ive been running XP for along time. I just got a newer machine. Its running Windows 7. I installed the Software from the disk I had and the old disk with the drivers. Ive had this plotter for 10 years and never had any probs. I think it may be the drivers arent compatable? Let me know what yall are thinkin. It says: Cannot Open the output device
  4. C Lewis

    RC Cars Painted this Week.

    those look sweet! I just picked up a 3.3 Slayer 4x4 Thinkin about doing a custom body for it. ....Nice Work
  5. C Lewis

    Cutting Magnet

    *it wont
  6. C Lewis

    Cutting Magnet

    Ive had success with this plenty. Pressure all the way up and slow the machine all the way down. i wont cut it all the way... ...just a nice score.
  7. C Lewis

    TED! Is this your handiwork?

    Nice! Bwahahahahaha
  8. C Lewis

    help on lettering an awning

    Screenprinters ink for Canvas... Plot the copy out of Gerber PaintMask: Reverse Weed: Apply: Paint on the Ink. Peel Mask: Let Dry: Wala.... ...I Have done over 100 awnings that way. They all look great....even after 5 years in beating sun
  9. C Lewis

    A couple of small stones

  10. C Lewis

    Shotgun Barrel Decal

    ....might look good in matte black vco
  11. C Lewis

    Chiropractor Sign

    good job
  12. C Lewis

    Baseball helmet

    clear coat...
  13. C Lewis

    Layered Window Stickers

    I would of reversed out the US... ...you already had a black layer behind. less work. Just my 2c. Looks good