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  1. louis clarke ii

    I can't figure out this font

    Mark S rocks. This is a nice weeding font.
  2. louis clarke ii

    Got Snow?

    Damn.. Snowed/iced in around Raleigh.
  3. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    Nicely done.
  4. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    Yep I'm using 220AO. Don't over-preassure the quart tank. Any questions give me a call (pm me) Louis
  5. louis clarke ii

    Name this font please....

    If skarecrow and mark-s can't identify it it doesn't exist.
  6. louis clarke ii

    Still at it

    Nicely done.
  7. louis clarke ii

    A few Puzzles

    Are they all the same geometric shape? You should add a frew extra pieces for fun, or switch pieces from a different puzzle. One piece would be enough.
  8. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    Here is my set up... I plugged the hole in the back with some PVC fittings I had. I just use the air intake to feed the hose in the cabinet. A piece of T-shirt where the dust collector connects the blast cabinet cuts down on some of the airflow.
  9. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    I am doing basic etching. I am no artist. when you start worrying about depth of cut I think that is a different level. Remote air eraser by Paasche. this is a great piece of equipment. Moved on to a bigger Paasche, Once again the up grade was well worth it. Finally bought a cabinet, only used it a few times but seems to work great, still trying to work out what will be the best gun. I am using the gun that came with the cabinet (cheap cabinet HF) seems to work ok. Working on the vacuum/dust collector system. I have a small dust collector I was not using and in the process of setting that up with my blast cabinet. To many CFM but I found a quick and easy way to lower it. I will try and get some pics in the next few days of the set-up.
  10. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    Deer in the cross hairs. Deernscope.svg
  11. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    You can use the gun that came with the cabinet. I will try and post some pics up. I use a dust collection system. Still trying to get it put together
  12. louis clarke ii

    Yeti Mug

    Etching is the way to go. I have done several hundred. 220 works fine with 651 as a stencil. (pictures on the way)
  13. louis clarke ii

    I feel like i should know this...dont need the graphic but the how to

    Send the file and I can do it real quick. The wording over the ampersand you need to do an outside contour. Then with the slightly larger contour, simplify it will create a void around the ampersand.
  14. Use HTV. Works like a champ. HTV = Heat transfer vinyl
  15. louis clarke ii

    4x4 Splash Wrap

    Thats tight like new rope.