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  1. MarcelC

    Goodbye everyone!

    Hey Ken, I'm glad to see you are settling in well at US Cutter. I thought I'd drop by the forum once in a while to see how things are progressing. All is well in Portland :glasses10: As expected there were a few bumps in the road moving to another state but things are getting back to normal for us. We really do feel at home here, especially after going to the beach last week :fish: Cool smilies you are adding to the forum. Keep up the good work and tell the guys there I said howdy. :occasion14:
  2. MarcelC

    Goodbye everyone!

    Thank you wg_kjell :glasses10: It has been a pleasure working in the forum; in fact it was my favorite part of the job at US Cutter. I think you have an excellent product with Signcut and believe you do a great job of providing product updates and improved support such as the recent web site updates at I also wish you and everyone there at Signcut the best of luck. If you ever make it out to the Pacific Northwest be sure to look me up. Cheers!
  3. MarcelC

    To MARCEL - Re: MH721

    How bout this one Beardown Signw :crybaby: rehouse
  4. MarcelC

    Goodbye everyone!

    Thanks guys, I have also learned a lot from all of you and really enjoyed working in the forum :mrgreen: I will definitely check in once in a while to see how things are progressing, and look at some of the cool graphics that you are all posting here. Since I'm not a signmaker and don't have a plotter I probably won't be able to help much in that area, but I'm always happy to talk about photography, snowboarding, or NASA engineers :glasses9:
  5. Hello everyone! I am moving out of state so this will be my last week at US Cutter. I have enjoyed working with everyone at US Cutter and all of our customers in the forum :glasses10: You have probably noticed by now that Ken is the new support tech for US Cutter. I think he will be an excellent employee for the company. He is very technical and a fast learner, but ya?ll might want to cut him so slack the first couple weeks while he gets up to speed on sign making :read: If you have any questions you can email and either Ken or Marcus will be able to help you out. Best of luck to everyone and happy plotting. Cheers :Hello:
  6. MarcelC

    To MARCEL - Re: MH721

    Apparently free speech is no longer allowed in this country. We received an email from a certain company complaining about our use of their registered name so I have changed its use in my posts to s1gnw@reh0use. As far I know the other forum members are still entitled to free speech in our forum as long as it is in accordance with the forum rules (no profanity etc).
  7. MarcelC

    Forum Rules discussion

    You've got the right idea. If you can make money doing something you already enjoy as a personal hobby then you are a step ahead of most people. You and another guy who works here Mick should swap rock and roll stories. He has lots of them from the good old days when he used to play guitar :hippy:
  8. Make sure the carriage is on the tracks. You can gently press up on the bottom of it to set it back on the tracks if it came off during shipping. Send us an email for further help with connectivity.
  9. I merged these two topics which are basically the same and from the same person. Bundownbaker, I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the plotter. It is possible there is a bad power supply or a local issue where you are such as the outlet or surge protector that is causing the problem. As we've discussed already on the phone we are covering your plotter under the one year warranty you purchased and will continue to work with you until the issue is resolved.
  10. Hello, if you are still having problems with the setup please send us an email at with your contact info so we can help you. Generally most people are able to get connected using the setup instructions in this posting.
  11. I'm working with rhume to get a motherboard replacement which should resolve the issue.
  12. I might have worked with you already today on the phone but if not then email me with your contact info so we can get the plotter talking for you.
  13. MarcelC

    Forum Rules discussion

    I'm a big believer in enjoying life, something a lot of people in this great country forget how to do :toothy2: Believe me when I am here I do work very hard so it's not all fun and games for me. One thing I really respect about you and a lot of people in this forum is that you all seem to really enjoy what you do in the sign business. I must be great to be able to use the right side your brain and creative skills to make a living. If I had half the creativity some of you had I'd probably be making signs all hours of the night too.
  14. MarcelC

    Just playin' with a graphic

    LOL, here is the latest NASA news. You gotta love it!
  15. It does seem most of the replacement motherboards I've seen have those two tabs attached to the cables on the motherboard that are connect to the body of the plotter. It could have contributed to your problem since they were not originally there. The replacement cutting strips are all 1/4 inch wide but different lengths for the different size plotters. The front cutting strip is a different material that is like soft fuzzy paper and we do not currently have replacements for that.