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  1. Lady_VI

    New from Southeastern Michigan

    Hello and welcome
  2. Lady_VI

    Sad Day for me.

    Sorry for your loss.
  3. Lady_VI

    new and from ohio

    Hello and welcome
  4. Lady_VI

    New from Kentucky

    Hello and welcome from Missouri.
  5. Lady_VI

    Newbie from OK

    Hello and welcome.
  6. Lady_VI

    Newbie from Georgia

    Hello and welcome
  7. Lady_VI

    Newbie from Alabama

    Hello and welcome
  8. Lady_VI

    Things I learned today..........WOW

    I save some pieces of the paper backing from my regular vinyl. Then when I have a lot of T-shirt decals weeded I place them on the paper and it keeps them nice and clean until ready to be applied to the shirt.
  9. Lady_VI

    help with this

  10. Lady_VI

    Font Help

    Looks like Brush Script.
  11. Lady_VI

    Hello from Texas.

    Hello and welcome from Missouri
  12. Lady_VI

    Another "Official" Introduction.

    Hello and welcome from Missouri
  13. Lady_VI

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello and welcome
  14. Lady_VI

    My "official" introduction

    Hello and welcome from Missouri
  15. Lady_VI

    Hello.... New here, and completely new to the trade.

    Hello and welcome from Missouri.