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  1. Grandpa

    Roland Versaworks

    Hello All, I do not have my designated computer hooked up to the internet, I have a Roland vp300 and versaworks.I am looking for a file with the media profiles.Thanks
  2. Can someone mic or measure theirs for me?
  3. Im looking for the 24 inch rollers that your vinyl sets on. THANKS
  4. Grandpa

    Jetbest ink

    Are there any discount codes for this ink?
  5. Grandpa

    Flexi swatch for versaworks

    I found it thanks
  6. Grandpa


    Thanks i have the flexi versa swatch now..
  7. Grandpa


    Trying to find a color swatch file for flexi...
  8. Grandpa


    Thanks.... what profile...? im just getting back into it a little...
  9. Grandpa


    Roland Vp300 what's the best feeling HTV?Thanks
  10. Grandpa

    Flexi swatch for versaworks

    Years ago someone emailed me a color swatch for flexi 7. Color swatch for versaworks are there a new swatch or is this one still around ?Thanks
  11. Grandpa

    Uscutter discount codes

  12. I think I ordered a copam Years again and I had a problem motherboard they sent out two I believe and resolved it..
  13. Grandpa

    Uscutter discount codes

    Are there any discount codes I’m messing for vinyl or tape..Thanks
  14. Grandpa


    Never did like Sketos @thatsall