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  1. I'm trying to set up my 14" MH cutter. With th blade pressure set at 100 and about 300 speed, the built-in test pattern comes out beautifully. However, when I switch to sending over a design through Sign Cut Pro, the cutter begins to cut with little or no pressure - it leaves no marks on the vinyl! The software speed/pressure is greyed out on sign cut, I'm assuming the MH series don't support that. But why would the test cut come out great, but the actual design has no force? Thanks!
  2. RazorConcepts

    MH-365 USB drivers?

    Thanks! Didn't know that site existed, its all up and running now.
  3. RazorConcepts

    MH-365 USB drivers?

    I'm having trouble installing MH-365 USB drivers. They show up in device managers under "other devices", with the name "USCutter Series". I have tried installing the FTDI drivers and software from the SignBlazer elements CD, but when I try to update the driver for the "USCutter Series" it says it can't find the right drivers. Any ideas? My computer doesn't have a serial port. Other forum threads point to these links, but they are now broken: http://support.uscut...=1&pcid=0&nav=0 http://forum.uscutte...ic,17489.0.html
  4. RazorConcepts

    Cutting copper foil?

    I just got my first cutter (MH series 14") and it has been fun learning how to use it. I'm trying to cut 1.25 mil copper foil. So far here is what I have: (speed 100, pressure 30) Is there a way to get rid of those roller marks above? Above, the corner isn't perfectly square. From what i've read it could be a bad offset, but I can't find an option to change it. Also, in the corner of the star it peeled - is it because the speed is too fast? Thanks, and sorry for all of the newbie questions!
  5. RazorConcepts

    DXF input cutter?

    Thanks for the input! I think I will be picking up a US Cutter MH series 14", hope it works out.
  6. RazorConcepts

    DXF input cutter?

    I want to cut out some patterns I create through 3D modeling programs, so I am looking for a cutter that relatively seamlessly takes DXF (or dwg) files and cuts them out. Does such a machine exist? My budget is around $300. Thanks!