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  1. Where oh where has Jenny gone ?

  2. Benr98

    today`s job

    Beautiful job, love the color selection!
  3. Anyone have any ideas or maybe a funny saying, I could place on a shirt for a male nursing student? Thanks so much, Jenny
  4. Glad to hear it, this wasn't going anywhere good.
  5. Benr98

    First big family vacation :)

    I'm sure your family will have a great time....I plan on eventually getting their with my kids...they may all be moved out, but we are STILL going!
  6. Benr98

    Wanna share your photo?

    I agree thanks for adding the new pics!
  7. Benr98

    New Here and some of my stuff

    What a clever idea and they turned out great!!
  8. Benr98

    first shirts with jpss/wf1100 printer

    Congrats to your granddaughter! The shirts turned out really well.
  9. Benr98


    Wish I could help but we only have the may also want to check with Nona on here, she makes some wonderful things!
  10. Benr98

    Clever Sundial Billboard

    Love that sundial!!
  11. Yes they should mention it on their site.
  12. I know some suppliers won't deal with you unless you have a dba and tax ID number....if you do I have a few I can recommend to you.
  13. I may not be around much, but have seen her really help out!