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  1. kylesmash

    Free Logos website

    very cool
  2. If I see a sign that needs to be redone or window graphics that are cracked or peeling. I write out a quote as if they asked for it. I walk in and hand over the quote and ask them to call me if they need There sign redone I spend no time in there. I don't want to be in there face or bothering them to spend money. Works about 30% of the time
  3. kylesmash

    First Job

    It looks crooked to me
  4. kylesmash

    Wall Decal HELP

    I sell a lot on etsy and I never get Reviews. Good or bad. Maybe I'm doing something wrong
  5. kylesmash

    Dollar Tree beer mugs for etching....

    I must be lucky. The dollar tree by my house always has beer mugs. Shelves full of them. And cases stacked in the aisle.
  6. kylesmash

    Installing lettering on a trailer

    Take the rivers out! Always take the rivets out! It's easier to install. And the end result looks so Much better.
  7. kylesmash

    equipment to print decals.

    I think the price scared him off.
  8. kylesmash

    Feed back please

    I would make the font that is above and below the number Arial bold. I would also slide the towing and repair away from the & sign, the k and the d look like they are just floating there
  9. kylesmash

    quantity ?

    How difficult is it to weed? How many colors?
  10. kylesmash

    Hello need help!

    I thought sign painters were against using a cutter.
  11. kylesmash

    Remnant & Scrap Storage

    wow I wish I had the time to be that organized! I would keep lots of scrap when I first started out. Now I throw it out endless its a large piece
  12. kylesmash

    HI from pennsylvania

    Morrisville, ha ha it only took me three years to respond!
  13. kylesmash

    photo booth trailer design help

    I have no idea what a general photo booth layout is either thats why I'm on here instead of getting the job done. That definitely looks cool !
  14. kylesmash

    photo booth trailer design help

    He doesn't want his dj name on it or anything like that because he rents it to other dj's to use. He just wants a general photo booth layout on it