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  1. Kcross47601

    DTG Printing for shirts and hats

    Maybe Madhatter will chime in. I think that DTG will be nice because of no screens to burn and register plus the amount of space a 4 or 6 color press takes up. If I was doing a few hundred shirts a day, I would definitely go with screen printing depending on the design but I'm looking at many smaller orders of what I call onesie twosie type orders and a few business orders ranging from 10 to 75 shirts in a order. For a small operation, if DTG would out weigh screen printing as far as time goes, I can see spending the 15,000 for a printer. Thanks Dakota for your response.
  2. Hey guys, Been looking into expanding past HTV for shirts, hats and Koozies. Screen printing is a option I've been looking into but the issue is not really the $10,000 cost for a decent equipment set up but the amount of floor space that everything would take to set up. I was looking at Epson and Anojet DTG printers but I'm finding mixed reviews. I've found set-ups for use with a hat attachment but not sure if the quality of the print will be worth it. I currently do everything with HTV from regular to glitter to rhinestone. I get orders for shirts that range from one or two custom shirts all the way to 75 in multiple sizes for a business. Does anyone here use DTG printing that may be able to give me some insight on the quality of equipment? Thanks, Kris
  3. Kcross47601


    Maybe if I switch to a 45 degree blade might cut a bigger circle for the stones to seat???
  4. Kcross47601


    JayBird, Would you take the offset out of the cut options?? I keep having trouble with the sticky flock circles not being right. I use what The Rhinestone World and Bella Stones sold on US Cutter call a SS10 and on SCALP4, I set to SS10 to cut but brushing is rough. Almost no transfer. The stones don't like to fall in. I have a LP2 cutter with clean cut 60 degree blade that I have set up for glitter vinyl. I use my glitter settings and do a 2 or sometimes 3 pass cut. The offset is at .31 and overcut is 1.02mm I think. It was a standard setting.
  5. Kcross47601

    Titan 2 and Windows 10 - not working

    So Josh, did the new card get you up and going or did you have to roll back from windows 10? I have a new laptop that I have 10 on now and use Corel Draw on and my old laptop had SCALP4 on it so I can transfer between. After the bugs from 10 get worked out then I would like to use only 1 computer.
  6. Kcross47601

    T shirt pricing help

    What type of shirt are you going to offer for that price? Seems like going silk screen on a regular cotton shirt or vinyl would be more cost effective if the customer didn't have a preference.
  7. Kcross47601

    Laser point 2 question............

    I've had mine about 8 months, it's the 50" model. I've cut high temp, glitter, metallic and regular 651 vinyl on mine on almost a daily basis ever since and only problem I've had was the z axis on the carriage. Was a easy fix and not very expensive.
  8. Sign you up was right. The other day, I tried to do another graphic and watched how the z axis was acting. It was not consistant with it's motion and at points would come down but could clearly see a gap between the holder and vinyl. I ordered a new carriage and motherboard from US Cutter and found a you tube video of someone replacing a carriage on a LP2. I had the new carrage installed in about 10 minutes and now it's cutting like new again. Guess I have a new motherboard on stand by just in case I need it later. Thanks for the help guys. Kris
  9. Maybe the Z axis chip starting to go bad??? Wonder if its the same chip thats in the MH series cutters.
  10. Doing the same thing with regular 651 vinyl also. Tried cutting out a few that have cut great before. I seem to remember someone had issues with this on a different cutter and they had to put a drop of oil in the carrage cause it was hanging up when the blade would try to go down. I may have to try that to get it to move freely.
  11. Cutting strip looks fine. No grooves or noticable damage. The cutting issue seems random when it will be going from one point to another. I may try to put in the pen attachment and run a piece of paper through it just to see what happens.
  12. Hey guys and gals. On my LP2, I can be cutting Siser easy weed white which usually cuts smooth and easy with a 60 degree clean cut blade, but yesterday it started missing different areas. I was cutting out a couple numbers for a softball jersey and looks like the blade has good down force when it starts the cut but at random points will lose downforce and barely score the material but not through to the backing. I tried 5 times to get a good cut, adjusting the down force, blade depth, speed, and changed to a new blade with no good results. The later cuts, there are areas that look like the blade didn't score or cut at all. I also tried to unplug my keyspan and go strait USB thinking it was a connection issue, then crawled under and checked the grounds. With this being a newer unit, Maybe 6 months old, can the carrage be going bad? Any suggestions would be great. I bet if I bought a higher level cutter, I wouldn't be having this problem. LOL Thanks, Kris
  13. Kcross47601

    ANTSO Logo

    I contaced the coach to see if she could get with her people to get a different file. I thought about editing out the surrounding text and doing a trace on just the crown and adding in my own stars and lettering. Going to be all in one color with high temp vinyl anyway so coloring is not a issue.
  14. Kcross47601

    ANTSO Logo

    To be more spacific. I can get it to trace but it's really distorted. The stars don't come out right and lettering jagged.
  15. Kcross47601

    ANTSO Logo

    Recently was contacted by a group to do shirts for their National competition in Tennessee. The individual coaches were given written rights to use the association logo to have support shirts made for different contestants. I was emailed the logo by a coach to do shirts but it is in a png format. I've tried to use SCALP4 and Sign Blazer and inkscape to try to convert it to a useable trace vector. Could it be that I'm using cheap programs or am I doing something wrong when I try to vectorize? Any help would be great. Thanks, Kris