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  1. Randys Graphics

    need help with

    need help with this font anyone know what name is thanks
  2. Randys Graphics

    help with this font

    Anyone know this font im trying redo my atv the decals are peeling going try make me some more any help would be help
  3. Randys Graphics

    need some help

    thanks to both of yall for helping mark and dc bevins
  4. Randys Graphics

    need some help

    dc bevins are you using inkscape or another program
  5. Randys Graphics

    need some help

    im been trying to victorize this for a friend that she hand draw can someone glide me on how to do this any help would be grateful
  6. Randys Graphics

    need help with this font

    looking to redo log on my brothers boat and i need to know what font skeeter is thanks for the help
  7. Randys Graphics

    help with getting this vectored

    thanks everyone for yalls help sorry for all the trouble i dont do much vinyl anymore and i do screen printing mostly i just trying get my logo so i could cut me some decals and i could not get it to vector right and what he sent me would not open in my programs signblazer but agian thanks for everyone looking and giveing there in put
  8. Randys Graphics

    help with getting this vectored

    well i was just need some help with getting it right im kinda new to the graphics side i been doing screen printing and my art guy design the logo thought i would ask for some help but anyways
  9. Randys Graphics

    help with getting this vectored

    wanting to know if someone could help me get this in a vector thanks randys graphics w-number.eps randys graphics w-number.pdf
  10. Randys Graphics

    need help with font

    wanting to know the font name of the oh brayns they some decals made
  11. Randys Graphics

    help with font please

    can anyone tell me name of this font or something close to it
  12. Randys Graphics

    My wife's first shirt

    do u have the eps file to this or how u make it
  13. Randys Graphics

    font help

    need help with this font
  14. Randys Graphics

    info on signblazer and windows 8

    i am wanting to up great my computer and get a windows 8 i have been using windows xp and it time to start upateing my stuff does anyone have any input if singblazer will work on the window 8 compture
  15. Randys Graphics

    Help with store front?

    ok i have this guy that wanting to me letter his store from but i need some input on about the spacing of the window that has bars between each window the windows are 40 inch wide any one input would really help im stuck lol name of the places is DSC Vapors