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  1. badun

    Trouble with contour cutting

    oops, I missed this response. I don't know what went wrong the first time I tried but it is working well now. Maybe there was something wonky about the original image or I missed a step in the creation of the contour cut or calibration. Regardless, works like a charm with a different image. Thanks!
  2. badun

    Trouble with contour cutting

    I can't get contour cutting to work with my P20. So far I have: Calibrated it. The red x aligns perfectly with the printed crosshairs. Printed the test page with VinylMaster. Aligned the blade with the very outside edge of the registration mark. I try to cut it and the head wanders off a bit, the LED turns red, and the machine beeps at me. I've also aligned the blade with the inside edge of the registration mark. Same result. I used a different image. Same result. I tried using the pen. Same result. I used the camera through the menu and made sure the reg mark was visible. Same result. I've been trying this all afternoon and I am a bit frustrated now! I watched PM-Performance's video but it appears his cutter was plug and chug and he didn't need to screw around with calibration.
  3. badun

    Cutting rubber sheet?

  4. badun

    Cutting rubber sheet?

    No, there are curves and cutouts around the posts as seen in the image. I should have said it's a gasket for an electronic device. The gasket goes to the edge of the case. Don't ask me what it is because he's trying to make me guess and I haven't figured it out yet! I have the SVG of the gasket and it is clean, I just offered to find out for him if it can be readily cut by machine.
  5. badun

    Cutting rubber sheet?

    A friend asked me to cut some 1/32" rubber sheet into roughly 3"x5" pieces. I have a PrismCut P20. Any recommendations on the blade type, speed, pressure, etc? I have extra material with which to experiment but I'd rather not waste it if someone has some guidance for me. Thanks!
  6. An update... I ended up using FDC 2100 vinyl because Oracal didn't offer the color I needed (I ended up with a layered design). I did the initial demo yesterday and it turned out quite nicely. I used clear tape and cut it closely around the design, then heated it up over a lamp. The text went down easily with some gentle pressure. The tail didn't want to follow the same contour so I cut it off and applied it separately. The issue of the customer applying it themselves resolved itself when the team's coach decided to give me the helmets before players get them so that I can apply the decals (with that bit of labor going into the cost). Thanks again for all the replies, they were very helpful!
  7. Thanks, all! The global map example is what I was imagining in my head but "high end 3D modeling software" vastly exceeds my needs for this project. I do know some people that dabble in CAD so I may pose the question to them but I think the solution for this run is fresh 751, heat, and patience.
  8. It will most likely just be an outline. It's been a while but I cut one on old vinyl (less flexible) and it was a pain to get it to fit the curvature. To my surprise it held up well through use and abuse but it wasn't something I could hand to a parent and tell them to put it on Little Johnny's helmet. I know that using fresh vinyl will help but this is a question I've been meaning to ask for a while since not all surfaces are flat (motorcycle gas tanks, for example).
  9. Thanks for the response! I wasn't expecting any miracle settings in Inkscape or any other application. It's very hard to describe but what I'm picturing in my head is adding curvatures where the vinyl wants to go in one direction but the graphic dictates that it should go another way. I can experiment with this but my hope was that someone would respond with "Oh, that's easy! Just twist here, here, and here. We do that all the time with helmets!" But I can definitely use heat/different vinyl on helmets (I'll just charge extra for application and tell people it's included in the price). Thanks again!
  10. The attached graphic will go on the front of a baseball helmet. I can get it to lay flat on the curved surfaced but only through lots of stretching and manipulation. I need to be able to hand these off to people so they can easily apply their own. Are there any graphic adjustments (I use Inkscape) that can make the application easier while still retaining the same look? Note that the attachment may not be the final version, it's just the one that I had available on the computer I'm using. But it's close enough for illustrative purposes. Force.svg
  11. badun

    Vinyl for textured surface?

    The player has the helmet and I probably can't get it for a picture. It's a matte finish with a diamond pattern texture, almost like a sandpaper (although not abrasive).
  12. badun

    Vinyl for textured surface?

    I use Oracal 651 for making logo decals for baseball helmets. A potential customer has a textured surface on the helmet, the first I've encountered. They've had problems with other decals coming off the helmet because of the texture. Should I try the 651 or is there a better product for a textured surface? The texture is similar to a powder coat. Not rough, but not glass-like, either.
  13. badun

    Determining color values for vinyl?

    Excellent, thanks! Works perfectly in Draw.
  14. Is there a reference or method for determining the color values by brand of vinyl? My specific example is I need to closely approximate a sports team's logo colors for both decals and clothing. I generally buy Oracal and Siser for those applications, but rather than go by eyeball matching to color charts I was wondering if there is a more scientific way to do it. I know how to get the values for the different color models (RGB, hex, etc.) but it would be much simpler if I knew the actual values of the vinyl to start with.
  15. badun

    Vector image won't appear in SBE

    Message sent with attachment. Thanks!