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    quick sanmar price comparison

    The few times I looked at prices I couldn't find the exact same shirts that I wanted to compare. Sanmar has tons and tons of shirts available though. Jiffy is very fast, easy and the free shipping for orders over $65 makes them pretty awesome.
  2. sleeveofwizzard

    Keep Calm and ? On

    That fad is on it's way out over here in California. I didn't used to worry much about doing shirts that were available to buy from all of the shirt websites and local stores. Not saying that that means they aren't copyrighted but I never copied their image, always made my own version of it. "keep calm, Aint nobody got time", and so on.
  3. sleeveofwizzard

    Took pictures of todays job

    I took some pictures of my rear window job today. I am also making some real estate sign runners for her. Came out good but I was worried for a while because it was so hot today the app fluid kept drying and the different pieces were not cooperating.
  4. sleeveofwizzard

    3M vinyl

    I have been doing decals for 3 or 4 years and only recently found out that there is a local sign supply company close to me. Wish I had known a long time ago because I can get things same day and cheap. Denco Sales has 7 or 8 locations I think, might be worth checking out. They do deliver, local is $6 but they also offer Fedex and UPS.
  5. sleeveofwizzard

    I give up

    Great! Hope you are feeling good about it. Me and my wife made some painted wood blocks with a a printed picture adhered to the face. Gave them a distressed effect and laid some vinyl lettering over the top. They came out great but only after trying 5 or so times while we figured out the cutter and adhesives that would work on the wood.
  6. sleeveofwizzard


    Awesome, there is a lot of room for your skills here and for you to expand what you can offer your customers. You might be interested in checking out stencil material to offer painted graphics and lettering to your customers. Also frosted vinyls for commercial or office windows might be useful.
  7. sleeveofwizzard

    Best way to un-wrinkle a banner?

    I have been buying Banana banner at $1.91 a foot. comes pre-hemmed top and bottom and double grommeted every two feet. I have a roll of seam tape for the ends but I have also left it un-taped and didn't give me any trouble.
  8. sleeveofwizzard

    12" x 12" magnet

    I don't bother much with customers that call me but won't come into my shop. Too many times I have wasted time working on the design for them to approve then I never hear back from them. Even sending a partial picture or heavy watermark, I think they are just not serious about buying.
  9. sleeveofwizzard

    Custom Order For Grage Wall

    Thats pretty close to the font on my tattoo
  10. sleeveofwizzard

    12" x 12" magnet

    That is what I learned at the old job. No pay, no play! I require a 50% deposit for most jobs and full payment for jobs that are a pain, expensive, or I am worried about getting paid on.
  11. sleeveofwizzard

    Took pictures of todays job

    My neighbors have been the hardest sales for me. I figured they would all sign right up for signs my first week here
  12. sleeveofwizzard

    12" x 12" magnet

    Scott when I sold services for my last job this was a huge problem for me. I didn't get paid commission until the customer paid their bill. A lot of the larger businesses out there want you to wait 30 days before they will pay you and that didn't always fly. Longest wait I had was 7 months, had to serve them with court papers before they finally decided to pay up.
  13. sleeveofwizzard

    Custom T-Shirt for Myself

  14. sleeveofwizzard

    3M vinyl

    The other 3M or Gerber stuff I have used was Scotchcal 220 film. I think that is calendared vinyl but it worked great as well.
  15. sleeveofwizzard

    3M vinyl

    I buy 3M and Gerber (made by 3M) from my local supplier. Now 3M Scotchcal marking film with the clear plastic liner (7725-12) is all I buy. I still have a bunch of 651 that I will use until it's gone but all my new purchased vinyl is going to be 3M. It is a performance cast vinyl and works great, I get it for $6.50 a yard locally.
  16. sleeveofwizzard


    Welcome to the forum. What type of projects have you been working on?
  17. sleeveofwizzard


    Welcome from the west coast. I have been pretty happy with my Laserpoint 36" but I am definitely ready to upgrade to a better machine. I would like to be able to cut finer detail and worry less about adjusting and dialing all my settings in. The economy machines are a great starting point to get you working though.
  18. sleeveofwizzard

    best way to put stickers on a ATV?

    Dakota do you stock any high adhesive vinyl? A friend of mine has been bugging to do his Enduro.
  19. sleeveofwizzard

    Shelf life of 651 vinyl?

    A friend of mine sent me the zombie piece. I looked and looked but don't know where the file is.
  20. sleeveofwizzard

    help on pricing a job

    You never know what your gonna get from Ebay either. Cheap vinyl, weird colors, or the wrong size / shape. People can save a few bucks over the internet but they lose out on the available customer service, speed and available help by doing so. I would say $40 to $50 for the decals sounds rite but how rushed were you? Did he tell you at 6:00 pm that he needed them that night? If I have to miss dinner for a guy that I didn't really like I would probably charge him $20 to $30 for the rush processing. Now if I can get it done by 6:00 pm or so then I probably wouldn't charge more then $50 total.
  21. sleeveofwizzard

    Tried something new today

    Nice! It is definitely an attention grabber, good job.
  22. sleeveofwizzard

    Shelf life of 651 vinyl?

    I just threw a few pieces of 631 up that I have had sitting in a drawer taped for 2 to 3 years. tape really didn't want to release but I got it eventually. I definitely wouldn't want a customer to have to try that hard to install something, we all know how that would end. I installed 651 that was about a year old taped and in a drawer as well, that one was exactly the same as another piece I cut that same day. They both were a pain to install but that was because the guys rear window was curved more than my wife (that's a lot).
  23. sleeveofwizzard

    Anyone recognize this little fella?

    Been looking but can't find a match. Any tips are greatly appreciated, thanks
  24. sleeveofwizzard

    Anyone recognize this little fella?

    THANKS! You sure are a font wiz
  25. sleeveofwizzard

    Anyone recognize this little fella?

    It is very similar to that font but it appears to be stretched taller and much bolder. Thanks for the tip!