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  1. Racer88

    Need Help with Font

    Anyone have an idea of what this font is? Note the slightly larger "a" in "Shank". Thanks in advance!
  2. Racer88

    Need Help with Font

    Thank you! I appreciate your help.
  3. Racer88

    Help identifying this font please

    "Abys" as shown on Dafont.com looks pretty close.
  4. Racer88

    Frosted Beer Mug

    Looks great!
  5. Racer88

    Adding registration marks?

    Glad to be able to help out. I have been helped on this board many times.
  6. Racer88

    Adding registration marks?

    It should be there as the DSR is a step up from Pro.
  7. Racer88

    Adding registration marks?

    Before you send it to the cutter, you can add them by first selecting your design, then click on "Objects" at the top. A dropdown menu will appear where you can add registration marks. If you un-group them, you can move each one individually. Note: I am using Vinlymaster Pro. Some features are not available on different levels of the software.
  8. Racer88

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    Thanks! The one I just downloaded is dated 9-24-2019!
  9. Racer88

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    Yes, it is the US Cutter version. Thanks
  10. Racer88

    setting blade depth

    I agree with Mz. Skeeter. I have been setting my blades this way for years and with Clean-Cut blades, I get excellent results for a basic MK 871 cutter. It just takes time and testing to dial it in for each type of vinyl.
  11. Racer88

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    What is the latest update available for VM Pro v4.0? Mine is showing the last update as 12/19/2017, 9:23:56 am.
  12. Racer88

    My largest work so far

    Great job!
  13. Racer88

    Banner Johns passing

    Very sad to hear this news. He helped me when I first got my cutter around 2012 or so.
  14. Racer88

    I’m back your warned!!

    Welcome Back!
  15. Racer88

    anyone know this font?

    Looks like brush Script MT Italic to me.
  16. Racer88

    Hello from a new guy

    Hello from Central Florida!
  17. Racer88

    new here!

    Welcome from Central Florida!
  18. Racer88

    1st business sign

    Looks great!
  19. Racer88

    Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro Update 4.068

    Thanks for the info!
  20. Racer88

    Hello from Iowa

    Hello from Florida!
  21. Racer88

    Greetings from Alabama

    Hello and Welcome from Florida!
  22. Racer88

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Prayers and condolences to the family.
  23. Racer88

    New from Utah

    Welcome from Central Florida!