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  1. jhonny

    Vectored tennis racket

    Yes! You need criss crossed racket. Because The main strings, or mains, are those that run vertically from the throat to the tip of the frame. The number of main strings is always listed first. The number 18 refers to the number of cross strings. The crosses, as they are often called, run horizontally across the racquet.
  2. jhonny

    Heat press pillow

    What do they do? Heat press pillows squishmallow go inside shirts or under surfaces that you are heat applying vinyl onto. They allow thick seams, zippers, buttons, pockets, collars, and other burdens to be absorbed into the pillow so that you can get an even pressure to apply your vinyl.
  3. jhonny

    New business and new to sublimation

    Hi ! I,am Jhonny and new in sublimation. A few day ago I purchase a Sublimation printer for printing.But I, have no experience in sublimation Printing.