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    USCUTTER SC on Big Sur via SCAL Pro 5

    Do you have an M1 Mac i made a thread in the forum here. May be I could help you post more info on what have you tried. and your system etc. Also try to reset your computer after you, turn on your printer I found that caused me trouble. you can see if the port is open and SCAL would be able to detect it, opening the terminal and putting this command in ls /dev/cu.* thats gonna show you the ports that are being use in the mac, though I'm not really familiar with SCAL just yet that's how i realized what was wrong in my computer.
  2. BrianSal05

    M1 Mac Trouble

    Thank you for all your responses I was able to visit my parents this winter break and got to work on it, SCAL works perfectly fine on M1 Mac's without having to do anything else, the drivers for the Laserpoint 2 work fine too no trouble, Just do note that the printer has to be on when to computer is turned on else the serial port won't open in the mac, restarting the computer after turning on the plotter works fine as well. I imagine that as long as drivers are able to be install any cutter that is supported in SCAl will work just fine. I wasn't able to get parallels working properly, idk why but driver just wouldn't install and I didn't understand port sharing. So in my experience at least is not possible with this cutter, though I'm pretty sure it was probably due to an error in my behalf. which is a shame since imo Vinylmaster cut is far more complete than SCAL at the same price point. Also the Sure cuts a lot bridge works too, as long as illustrator is running through rosetta. Tried inkscape and inkcut but it is not compatible with m1 macs just yet as a free alternative, gonna try running it through rosetta and update if it works, though I doubt it since the problem is not inkscape itself but python through homebrew and M1 macs. Again Thank you for your answers.
  3. BrianSal05

    M1 Mac Trouble

    Hi, recently mi mom's old computer died because of a motherboard failure and instead of trying and build her a new pc, I convinced her to buy one of the new Mac's. I been having trouble setting her back up, because the software we use to cut VinylMaster Cut is not available on Mac. Looking at this forum user haumana says he runs his cutters on a m1 mac with parallels and win10, I wanted to know if someone has more experience running it like this and a maybe even a tutorial for drivers and such idk if it would require any extra steps. This is the option I been considering the most. Also if someone has any insight if Sure Cuts A Lot works fine with the new Mac's or how have people been running their cutters in this new Mac's. And if someone has experience with the bridge version of the software as a illustrator plug in, sounds interesting. Some other info: - Software is only used to cut, all design is done in Illustrator. - Cutter is a LaserPoint II. - Plotter connected on a USB-C dongle. - Mac in question is the 24 inch Mac. Thanks in advance.