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  1. EpicDecal

    Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3 makes wonky cuts

    Cutting strip, do you mean this? (Please see arrow in photo, below.) There are cuts here, but it's not really that deep. So you're saying, this is causing the vinyl to grab and mess up my cuts—identically to last cut?
  2. EpicDecal

    Barbie Camper for Make a Wish Foundation

    We got to help Make a Wish Foundation make a family's dream come true—with a life-sized Barbie Camper. I bet they get some attention when they're on the road. Bless their hearts. I still have some of this 4" roll of pink vinyl, lol.
  3. EpicDecal

    Dairy Road

    So we love to design stuff and it's even more fun when we get to take an idea into full production. Fleets are literally moving billboards and we've worked with this Preschool for years.
  4. EpicDecal


    We've worked with this regional IT provider since 2001.
  5. EpicDecal

    Florida Tech

    We did some interior work for Florida Tech, FIT.edu, as they spruced up their library.
  6. EpicDecal


    This was a wrap, not cut vinyl.
  7. EpicDecal

    Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3 makes wonky cuts

    Hey Skeeter, OK, so you were right, my blade depth was way off. Thank you—I corrected it, and cut this (see below). I think it's data being sent and corrupted, not a physical issue with my cutter. Compare to the previous photo, above, in first post. Thoughts?
  8. EpicDecal

    Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3 makes wonky cuts

    Thanks Dakota. All on a SC.
  9. EpicDecal

    Help with graphic...

    It's a circle. Cut a circle. -e
  10. So my cutter just stops working perfectly. One day it is perfect, the next, it's screwing up all my cuts; please see image. I contact SCALPro and they say, adjust the things. Make a box, and tell us how bad it cuts. So I pass them this, and get no response. This was just before July 4 and I wasn't able to make stuff for the kids for Independence Day--or work on any job for the past 2 months. I contact USCutter and did not even get a response from support. Nada. Any thoughts? -e PS: I never user anything in SCAL... can I go straight from AI and avoid this software?
  11. I'd love to get drivers for SC for Win10, so I can go straight to AI. Thank you, EpicDecal
  12. EpicDecal


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