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  1. MDesigns

    Anyone using the new Sawgrass sg500 or 1000?

    Its crazy being the product is advertised so heavily. I really find the lack of info on these US cutter items unsatisfying? Yes you can dig around but you kinda get the sense this is a popular printer. Lots of online reviews and users mostly good!. But nobody on the forum or a US cutter rep can seem to help grasp what different alternate/medias that can be run in the machine. Of course sawgrass and siser only want you to run “their” stuff but I expected sticker paper offerings and some other potential choices. Just be nice to talk to someone with sawgrass history.
  2. MDesigns

    SC2 contour cutting troubles

    I did share the issue with the Craftedge team. I guess while Im at it is there anyone here who has good success with contour cutting in general? I was able to cut the design we were after. I did find cutting the SIser easy Subli a little challenging on the mat. It seems the material is kinda tuff. So I bumped the preassure up and almost ran thru the backing. Which is not good when you go to apply the subli mask. Overall we got things pretty close. I cant help but wonder if a 60 degree blade is best with the Siser Easy Subli? If you ever cut it you might get what Im saying..
  3. MDesigns

    SC2 contour cutting troubles

    At some pt we may move to a Roland or better cutter. However I have found the issue lies in SCALP 5. I reverted back to SCALP 4 and has no issue contour cutting. Same design and the cutter gets lost in SCALP 5. You would think when you upgrade a software you would get less issues not more! I have reached out to them to get a response.
  4. MDesigns

    SC2 contour cutting troubles

    Thinking about this more Its possible that I had sucess in the older version of SCALP 4. We have since upgraded. Im going to attempt in V4.
  5. MDesigns

    SC2 contour cutting troubles

    Seeing as Ive had success with this in the past and reviewed all of the referenced items I have to assume there is something going on in terms of offset and calibration when setting the machine.
  6. Well I thought I had this working correctly because the last time I attempted it with success. Now Im running into an issue where it seems like the machine is lost in space. Normally after I navigate to the first registration point and hit enter the machine would move ONLY horizontally to almost the 2nd registration mark, and then the same with the 3rd. Now it moves over and up. when I attempt the same process. Knowing this is seems odd I finish the process of finding all 3 registration marks. Here is a picture of the result I get. The instructions in the manual are only for Vinyl master PRO. We work on Macs so were limited to SCALP. But I have made this work before. Things tried Calibrated the laser several times Verified that per the manual the reset button clears any stored orgins. Hopefully someone with a SC2 can chime in with some helpful hints
  7. Dont see many ppl in the forums here talking about the never models? Just grabbed an SG500. Finding my way around alright just wanted to see if anyone was using the siser ink?
  8. MDesigns

    Sawgrass SG500 SPM and printing

    We work on Mac's and use Sure Cuts Alot Pro 5 and some other various software. All of my software sees the SG500. But I swear I hear that you should never print directly to the printer and should always go thru the the Sawgrass SPM? I cant seem to recall where I heard or saw this info. Anyone with a SG500 out there or any Sawgrass on a Mac?
  9. MDesigns

    Design software

    I'm always surprised by the fact I never see Affinity designer referenced in these forums. Its a a great Vector designer that can export svg and many other formats. Pretty much the best app out there IMO. One time fee you own the software no rental fee! Been using it for years prior to getting into this industry.
  10. Subject pretty self explanatory. Anyone using and SC2 cutter with Siser easy Subli? Just purchased a Sawgrass SG500
  11. Well here we are again still 2 months later and I cannot get US cutter to resolve this issue correctly. First I was sent a strip with the 3m backing, the backing pulled away from the strip during installation causing the tape to separate and then bind under the strip causing uneveness, in turn causing cutting issues. I asked for another one I wait 2 months and they send me just a strip with no adhesive as a replacement, not bother to state that the replacement was not the same. So now 2 months later still waiting on a good cutting strip. Where else can these be obtained? US cutter has let me down more times than I can count this year.
  12. To clarify when you say lifting vinyl are you talking during cutting or weeding? Its only in the weeding process where the letters come up with the weeded waste.
  13. I barely have any blade exposed, Id say about 2 mil. or 1/10 to of a credit card. Made zero difference and then I slowly increased pressure always keeping speed at the slow end. This was a fresh blade fresh cutting strip. At this point Id like to think I know how to set blade depth. I just dont think the consistency or quality is there with these machines honestly.
  14. Anyone got any tips? Using pre weeding lines as this stuff will stick if it falls back on itself. Had a heck of a time this weekend running a working design Ive done a few times now with no issue. This time around with a fresh blade it cuts the vinyl but when weeding its always pulling up the letters. I even went as far to put on a new cutting strip which didnt seem to help. Reset the blade depth with the new blade and barely scoring the wax paper. It is cutting the vinyl, but for whatever reason simply wont weed correctly! Tried varying pressures, to top it off the replacement strip they sent me was kinda crappy, now they are back ordered. I have to wonder what kind of consistency you can expect out of these 600 dollars SC2 machines. It feels like 60/40. 60 percent of the time there is some issue that eats up a ton of time. Vinyl quality inconsistent, blade quality, inconsistent 1st and 2nd runs do to cold mornings and static is a thing I guess?? When we do get it working things tend to go great for the length of that run, but then the next time a day later or a week later it requires more finagling.
  15. Im also having this issue running MAC 10.15 and I do not see that option in the get info???