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  1. 19 hours ago, 88x said:

    Ok this is the way I would do it on SCALP 4 but it's very similar to 3 also I am running it on windows.

    Take the VENADO POWER select all of it 

    right click

    Select appearance

    Select outline

    Then decide what you would like for the amount of outline, then select the color which would be red, then click ok

    Next select the deer head

    Right click

    Select appearance

    Select outline

    Decide what amount of outline you want select the color which would be white then click ok

    Once you have that all done click the flip tab to reverse the design.

    Load the white HTV

    Select cut with cutter

    Then on the top there's a box that says cut by color click it

    Select the white color

    Select cut

    Once it's done 

    Load the red in the cutter

    Select cut with cutter

    Select cut by color 

    Select red

    Select cut

    Weed both designs and cut the VENADO POWER off of the bottom of the white. (Don't cut the individual letters out like the photo shows. It will be a bitch to align all those and keep them when you go to layer them)

    Lay down the white outline of the deer head on to the garment for 2 second, pull the backer off. then over lay and align the red deer head along with outline of the words. Press for 2 seconds pull the backer off then align the VENADO POWER on top of the red. Again press for 2 seconds then pull the backer off and cover with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper and press the full amount of time. (This is a step that I have adapted, sI found if you leave the backers on it will leave little lines where they overlay onto the other graphics. But if you pull them all off and use the sheet it makes it look great with no lines) Then sit back and have a beer and let your mind absorb what you just did.... 

    Thank you!! I actually figured it out. However I did something totally differet lol. I added a shadow lawyer and just weeded. I will be trying this now! I do see that cut by color option :) you were very helpful! Thanks a lot!!

  2. So recently I was asked to do a job that requires a little more than what I usually do! They are wanting white letters with red outline..And a red deer head followed by a white outline. I am completely lost as I always just do one color jobs. I am using the SCAL 3 software and working with a mac. You guys were able to help me last time please walk me through the steps with this issue. Picture is a rough draft of what I have. Thank you in advance!! 


  3. Hello! Sorry for the very late response. Well i was issued a new blad holder and immediately my machine worked. The one I was given was bigger than the one that was sent out to me.

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  4. Thank you all so much! I will give them a call tomorrow!! Looks like shirts won't be done by Thursday night if that is the case. I should of got on the ball sooner :(

  5. There is another ridge holder but I believe that's just part of the design. If I could somehow flip that the other way I could have the option lol and it would look like the picture you provided.


  6. I see what you mean! I am trying to adjust the blade but it's only giving me one slot option for it. Unless I am not doing it right! I am going to keep on trying to mess with it because I see the difference in the pictures above for sure!

  7. I recently posted a question asking for help on how to get started with my SC2 cutter but I am not able to find forum. Giving it another try. I can not for the life of me get my blade to cut the vinyl. The job gets sent and it imitates the cutting but it is not cutting or even near the vinyl. How can I or where can I mess with the settings for this??? What am I doing wrong? Is there a certaim setting it should be on? I have shirts that I am supposed to have done by Thursday night :( luckily it's my cousin and hope she understands if I'm not able to accomplish.