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  1. Thanks for the reply as well, thats what I thought but figured I would ask someone who knows a whole lot more than me.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I knew this as well. Wasn't going to do anything devious with it, just a personal frisbee. No exhibition or sales, unless you count sailing through the air! : )
  3. Hi! new to the forum here. Im using scalp3 and wondering if theres a way to take a seven color image and have the machine (tabletop titan) cut only the outlines of each shape once. Everything I've tried so far is causing the cutter to retrace cuts over each shape once for each color (seven times). This is causing the blade to start picking up parts of the cuts and drag them around. Trying to go monochrome seems to take away way too much detail. I need the image to be cut all at once on the same sheet of material just not this many times. I make stencils that are used to cover plastic then weed colors/shapes accordingly to dye the plastic. If that helps. I attached the image I'm trying to work with. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.