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    Here is a video of how to do it: Outline your text with offset Duplicate the offset Move one of the offsets to make the shadow Weld the offsets Select everything Arrange + Combine http://screencast.com/t/yAQebUdCEvo Jay
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    Finding something that everybody & their brother is not doing is also a good way to make better profit margins... trouble is .. everybody & their brother is trying to figure out what that is ( in every type business ) . A business that is very cheap to get into like cutting vinyl , is like a double edge sword.. cuts both ways . Like John said , cheaper to buy the equipment & materials than paying for 1 job sometimes . $500 + or - & anybody can compete with any vinyl cutting business . I won my Copams on e-bay for $406 & $410 in 2007 & with $200 in materials , I was at full speed in a couple days . Most new people will work free or almost free to start out , get experience & get a customer base ... also just to pay for what the expense was to buy the set-up , materials etc . After that , all profit until more materials are needed . I do alot of my work while watching tv etc . I like cutting vinyl so any profit is good for me & I get alot of repeat customers by treating people right , not letting them feel demeaned as a dummy when they find out they spent many times more than what they could have bought it for later ( they will ALWAYS find out if they have paid WAY too much ) . I think the market is getting flooded with printers also as the price on those get cheaper & cheaper . Unless somebody has alot of work , better to outsource that . it helps both parties .
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    Thanks for the reply Would you have any suggestions on the best vinyl material for making paint masks or would any work?
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    I never really posted a lot to begin with but I log in periodically and read some of the newer posts. Unfortunately this isn't a full time gig for me and to be honest, I think i'd like to keep it that way. I enjoy it as a hobby, once a hobby becomes work it's not as much fun.