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Help with plotter driver cs630

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My father has asked me to install this plotter but the bad thing is that the CD's are damaged and I have not found anywhere to download these drivers, if you could help me to get some to use it in coreldraw x3 I would be grateful, I think it is a cs1200 or a cs630 for what I have looked here there are screenshots of photos if you can help me and the plotter label.20220104_214804.thumb.jpg.e0d8d7c92f4adbc53a1c58794748e4ff.jpg


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Hi there, Dante.

If I may make a suggestion? You can design in Corel and EXPORT the file as .eps which should IMPORT just fine into SignBlazer, which is a cutting program which easily runs these Creation machines.

Also, depending on the complexity of your work, it may just be easy enough to do the design right in SignBlazer and not even have to use Corel at all. I've been cutting for many years, and never needed a program as sophisticated as Illustrator or Corel (or even Inkscape).
I have tried VinylMaster to a limited extent, and managed to learn it somewhat, but found that even VM exceeded my requirements for designing and I stayed with SignBlazer, with the simple cartoon-y interface that I've become accustomed to.


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