Best Transfer paper for Matte black etc

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I use a lot of matte black vinyl making various things.

I always use Oracal 651 vinyl

On matte black I use high tack on everything else I use med tack

Here is the problem im running into... On matte black lots of the times the decals are not coming off the paper correctly... it is ripper the paper.

Seems like the transfer is sticking to the hollow places of the decal and rips the whole thing.

Is my cutter cutting to deep ?? Is the transfer paper Im using to strong ? I use it because matte black is so hard to pick up because of the slick sheen of the vinyl.

What are yall using ?? matte black and in general ?

Thanks for any help

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First off you don't pick up vinyl.  You squeegee the transfer tape real good, turn it face down and peel the backing away from the decal. It makes a huge difference.  I only use Main medium tack paper tape with Matte vinyl and all vinyls.  and never have a problem, and no complaints from buyers. 

Trying to pick up vinyl will also make the wax paper backing come right up with the decal. Then it will be stuck to your decal. 

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If it's ripping the backing paper I would guess you are cutting too deep. Follow Mz Skeeter's instructions for setting the blade depth, posted a few hundred times here, then if you're still having issues it's likely a process problem.

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