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  1. It had been working great since brand new. Then today no up and down ! I will check out the test
  2. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    Oh crap did not see that ! ]Thanks
  3. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    Yep I was using open end for awhile 4 x 4 x 36 but USPS crushed several so I went to a open on the sides that seems to be tougher. Really my biggest is 23 X 14 I bought 100 4 X 4 X 15 and actually saved a few cents each. No biggie on the website man , I totally understand. Hey dont know if you know, I posted it in another section, I have a MH721-MK2 been a good machine but the blade no longer goes up and down. What is the part called that makes it do that ? It looks to be some kind of solenoid but did not see anything on US Cutter website.
  4. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    How the heck do you ship BIG decals ? I have been rolling them up. I started with tubes and now I use a box but USPS seems to like to destroy the boxes. Do u have ur own website Skeeter ? Love to see what ya got.
  5. I just started having trouble with OLE FAITHFUL ! I have cut a jillion decals with this ole cutter but it started dragging real bad on the vinyl and after doing some trouble shooting .... The blade is not going up and down What is that part called ? Wonder where to get it ?? Thanks guys
  6. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    I use to use paper but it does not look as good and the paper does not stick to the backing, so u end up with flaps. Now on BIG stuff I tell customers I am gonna use paper because that will let them use a wet application.
  7. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    Appreciate it ! I just retyped my instructions and will definitely check blade depth.
  8. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    Now the flipping over part I do not put in my instructions. I tell them to rub the transfer side firmly before trying to remove it. I had some trouble cutting to deep , it was actually ripping the paper too. Should the cut make a slight impression on the backing paper ? I try to cut to where it weeds fairly easy and only leave a slight impression on the backing paper Thanks !
  9. BCD

    Transfer Tape help

    I currently use Oracal 651 vinyl and a med/hev clear transfer tape. I make and ship 90% of my decals. I have been having lots of trouble with customers that can not get the decals to transfer. I check a lot of the decals after I make them to make sure they will lift but customers cant get it ! Is there a better vinyl that transfers easier ? Am I push the transfer tape down to hard when I make them , then the customer does not have enough sticky when they get it? Is the heat messing things up ? I am self taught for all this and would great appreciate any help Thank u
  10. Hello, I use a lot of matte black vinyl making various things. I always use Oracal 651 vinyl On matte black I use high tack on everything else I use med tack Here is the problem im running into... On matte black lots of the times the decals are not coming off the paper correctly... it is ripper the paper. Seems like the transfer is sticking to the hollow places of the decal and rips the whole thing. Is my cutter cutting to deep ?? Is the transfer paper Im using to strong ? I use it because matte black is so hard to pick up because of the slick sheen of the vinyl. What are yall using ?? matte black and in general ? Thanks for any help
  11. I have a MK-871 MK2 The roller bar on the cutter head side of the machine is wobbling all over. We took the bottom off and there looks like a set screw assembly there that tightens down. when we tried to tighten it up small pieces fell out .... We loosened the nut and tightened the bolt and that helped some ..... I still have to run my vinyl all the way to the left away from the cutting head or it wanders to the left, I assume the rollers are not gripping it good enough. I called US CUTTER support they said I need the whole bar , that side anyway. BUT could not offer or sell me one since I bought the cutter second hand NEVER HEARD OF THAT CRAP BEFORE ?? Any help ?? Oh also head head when it travels now sounds like its straining or dragging ?? IMG_8343.MOV