MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

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it's one of those trade offs to have the most "affordable" cutter - concessions are made- the titan is the first one that really has a good USB chip set like the big boys do,

but with that said many people have cut a lot of material with a MH and lots more for longer period with the keyspan to help.    

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1 hour ago, Primal Decals said:

@Karebear   Here is the driver if needed for what you have listed.

 When you download the file to your computer, you might have to right click on it and run it as Administrator to make sure it installs properly.

Have we even found out if the driver got installed or not ? here is the driver from uscutter for windows..


@Dakotagrafx Since i dont know much about the keyspan ,Why does she need one if it has a USB port according to uscutters website.I thought the keyspan was for the serial port? Or am i wrong on that also lol.... .or is there a difference between a MH MK2 and a MH 871 . I dont follow these cutters and i guess i should so i know if they are the same or not. I couldnt fint the MH MK2 on the cutter page. Im gonna get schooled i feel it haha..



Is this Driver for the Windows 10 for US Cutter? I downloaded and Extracted the file. In download in my computer it has 3 files when I open it. amd64, i386, & ia64. How do I install it?


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