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3 hours ago, 3barefoot said:

Off topic.... Nice work by the way! I LOVE the LED signs. But how is Etsy going for you? I have got to look into making some extra money and start pushing my stuff more. 


It's been OK.   I really haven't been putting much effort into it.   I've made about 18 sales on my 28 listings.  The more I look at it the more I think these types of signs are really only going to sell during the Christmas holiday.   I may pickup a sale from someone looking to give a birthday present but that's about it.   It's a great platform but you really have to do your homework and you HAVE to have a niche.  Etsy has grown too much for you to be selling the same things as everyone else.  

3 hours ago, darcshadow said:



Yep.......  what he said.

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