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HELP - plotting setup suddenly gone?

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Hi everyone,


I hope you may be able to help with this one.

I am a Danish girl, who have been plotting wallstickers with my Foison C24 for almost a year now.


Yesterday my computer went all weard, at the setup for plotting om my machine is now gone! I got help with the setup when I first bought the plotter, but the salesman is now on holliday, and I have lots of wallstickers to plot these days.


I have tried to plot using com1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - but none of them will activate the plotter.


Enclosed you will find a printscrean of Production manager and all my tests.


What to do - please help!!!


Thank you from Maiken


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You need to delete all of those errors and holding in your production manager. It will never run with all of that there. You cannot have anything there like your showing in production manager.  And start over. Uninstall Flexi and reinstall it.  Start fresh. You should be able to go into your device manager and tell which com port you are using.. If you get an error , then delete that error and try a different com port. Flexi will never run with all of that error and holding in production manager. Delete it if you get an error .Delete that error before you try a different com port. You have no way of telling if you ever had a correct set up , because of all of that mess sitting in production manager.

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