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link to signblazer free download

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i just had to reformat my hd and i lost everything.

its not that i cant find a download link here, but i can find many of them.

can someone please post a link to the most current, free, be all-end all, latest version, working sign blazer download thats out there?


btw, afaik, there were different downloads with different drivers in them, i need it to work with an mh series, and i dont care if it will run any thing else.

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thank you!!


on the subject, i think it would be great to either edit the stickies with older versions, or unsticky them and just keep the most current one on top.

just my .02, im sure my stupidity in not being able to differentiate the latest version has a lot to do with it, but id bet im not the only one with this problem.

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