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  1. deth502

    Car Logos

    late to the party, but, ford maveric. bronco and im on the ram does count side. the company is dodge, the ram logo is specific to the truck. and...... ummmm........ like..... an impala?
  2. deth502

    2008-2015 F-150 Template

    i usually either take a picture or find a stock pic on the net and just do it up in photoshop for approval before i start messing with vector files. alternatively, you can import a jpg into sb (most likely other cutting programs too) and do your vector designing over that, then export the whole thing as a jpeg to send to a customer. i did get a template for my truck to experiment on thanks to the generosity of primal decals (which i havent gotten to experimenting yet) but the jpeg thing has worked for me for years.
  3. deth502

    mh871 with SB wont cut

    +1 to the port issue. i ALWAYS plug my cutter into the SAME usb port. if i use a different one, sb wont recognize it, i have to go in and change it manually, and even if i start sb with the cutter in the wrong port, then change it back, still nothing. as soon as it is recognized in another port it screws everything up and you have to go into the settings to change it. just DONT EVER plug the usb cable into ANY OTHER port than the one you set it up for and things will run smoothly.
  4. deth502

    MH 721- MK2

    im gonna guess static on this one.
  5. deth502

    application fluid

    i use a recipe i got here but cant remember it. iirc,m it was much more something like a 3 cup to 1 cup mix, im going to assume more water than alcohol? with a spoonfull or 2 of dawn.
  6. deth502

    Help with x8 and MH871 mk2

    pretty sure its not supposed to work that way. corel and illustrator are just to create the images, but you need another program to interface that image with the cutter itself, like signblazer (free), vinylmaster, signcut, ect..
  7. i use a ball point pen. i just take a regular bic pen and wrap tape around it until its thick enough to fit in the carriage. thats all, no other mods. i never actually tried the pen attachment that came with the machine.
  8. not knowing exactly what size that is, but knowing there are 72 points to an inch, my calculator puts 8pt at 0.1111111111" i have routinely done 1/8" letters, or 0.125", which is pretty damn close, on my mh series machine, so the titan, being a step up, should hopefully be able to do that or better, id imagine.
  9. you mean 50 yd roll, not 50' ?? i always buy the 24" x 30' (10yd) rolls and never had a problem, but have recently started unrolling them as i all of a sudden started developing a static problem.
  10. deth502

    Baaaad day

    i dont always cut htv, but when i do, i do it backwards. that needs to be a meme. every time, guaranteed, first one is always backwards (not mirrored)
  11. my family bought a deli. my father and i were fixing it up, he had a guy that did decals for him, but he was going out of business. we were not yet ready but there was a mad rush to try to come up with a name and slogan for the front window begfore this guy shut down. he wanted $1200 to do the window. i found i could get an mh series cutter and the 2 colors of vinyl he wanted for significantly less than half of what this guy wanted adn it would alleviate the worry of trying to come up with the name on the spot. so thats what i did. that store has since closed. but thats neither here nor there. after that, my employer "ran out of money" a few years and we got laid off over the winter, i do a lot of gun related decals and i am on a few gun forums. i just posted some of my work there and offered them for sale. i didnt make a killing, but it was a nice supplement to my unemployment compensation to get my income back up. i also still get the occasional local job through word of mouth.
  12. i had issues with my mh series for the first time ever after years of use doing this some time back. it was static generated from the roll unrolling killing it. as was said, unroll and wipe down to dissipate the static and it cut fine (6' in my case, so almost 2 meters) i had no tracking issues at all.
  13. deth502

    HTV Colors turned muddy

    also, ive always heard to wash the shirts before applying, (both htv and screen printing). im guessing this would/could help the situation also if it has to do with "loose" dye.
  14. its what i have. did these with it.
  15. welcome. i always use dry graphite for my blade holders. that said, its very hard for me to do as well, it takes a VERY delicate balance of pressure and speed. ive found the blade exposure dosent have much to do with it (as long as its sufficient) but DO make sure it working properly as stated above.