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  1. tcorrell02

    Help with rv graphics

    I had already planned on oversizing them a little just to help myself!
  2. tcorrell02

    Help with rv graphics

    Amazing, what program was this done with. if it is vm, was it cut or xpt or what?
  3. tcorrell02

    Help with rv graphics

    Ok our rv is old, 2004. The graphics are shot. I would love to replace them and would need to keep the same shape as I'm sure there has been some fading of the gelcoat outside of the graphics. The problem is shaping the graphics to replace the existing ones because they are in such bad shape. Just played around a little and tried to vectorize a pic of one of the graphics and it traces EVERYTHING. And I mean all the cracks. Any help with a suggestion would be great. I have attached a pic so you have an idea what I'm working with.
  4. tcorrell02

    Transfer files

    I will start by saying that i am computer stupid. I know, great thing with stuff like this! I have moved to another computer for cutting, I have got all the cut files saved into a file on the new computer but cannot figure out how to load them into vinylmaster. any help would be great.
  5. tcorrell02

    Price check, Am i crazy?

    Sorry, full back and just chest pocket area.
  6. First real shirt order, 8 3xl, 5 2xl, 1 L, 1 s Full back and chest htv 2 color, pretty basic design. Already have design from vehicle graphics i did for him. 3xl = 17.50 x 8 = $140 2xl = 16.50 x 5 = $82.50 L & S = 14.50 x 2 = $29 Total = $251.50 I figured shirt price + htv price(x2 color) + $5 press on back and $2.50 press for chest. Does this seem realistic? High? Low? I have read a bunch on here to try to figure out pricing, but just want input from the seasoned vets.
  7. tcorrell02

    htv vinyl stock

    This is more of a question for the small business/home based people out there. Starting to do shirts, and wondered about keeping htv stock. How much stock to you keep? Do you order to the job? If you do keep stock how many colors?
  8. tcorrell02

    Help with color match

    Looking for vinyl that matches this color or as close as possible. I have looked around and cant find anything.
  9. tcorrell02

    Text over image

    You are correct, i figured it out just a bit ago! Thanks for all the help.
  10. tcorrell02

    Printer for t shirts

    Looking at getting into sublimation. Want something to do mugs, etc plus shirts. will 8.5x14 do most anything for a shirt or would 11x17 be a better choice?
  11. tcorrell02

    Text over image

    Forgive my ignorance, Fairly new to this stuff. Punch it through ?
  12. I am working on a proof for a customer and it will involve text going over an image. The text will extend outside of the image on both sides, all one color. So text inside the image will be relief cut. I cant figure out how to show that on the proof. Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. tcorrell02

    ricoh gx7000

    Opinions? I have found one for what i feel is a smoking deal, been sitting for awhile, but can be bought for $80. I have no sublmation experience so this would be my introduction. SHOULD I BUY IT OR RUN?????
  14. tcorrell02

    Just spoolin around.

    Nothing spectacular, but a small graphic (6x18) i did for the back window of the wife's car. And no its not misspelled, its twin turbo, 385hp.
  15. tcorrell02

    Problems with htv process

    Yes suggest is 10-15 secs and yes pre heated tshirt not nylon bag