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  1. swise83

    For those doing glasses

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! Why didn't i search this before i struggled for a few hours the other night?! LOL Thanks!!!!
  2. swise83

    Baaaad day

    I did that just the other night, and of course a bunch i was not making any money on either.. Doing for a charity auction.. I had the window open and a gust came in and jacked up like 12 layered, custom name decals....
  3. swise83

    4x4 Splash Wrap

    So he got a GMC and I did the 4x4 but its not nearly as exciting......
  4. swise83

    4x4 Splash Wrap

    Sho did! Its still on my wall. I m waiting for him to get another FX4 LOL I did it in carbon fiber.
  5. swise83

    First cuts

    Ok. I thought it was just me!!! My workbench is flat though, so i'm thinking i'll have to screw it down
  6. swise83

    4x4 Splash Wrap

    Badass!! I made an awesome FX4 K-state stripe for my husbands F-150, but he sold it before we got it on :-(
  7. swise83

    Zodiac Boat?

    Awesome!! I'll make them work!!!
  8. swise83

    Zodiac Boat?

    I have a guy at work wanting a Zodiac boat decal for his truck. I can't find a good images and i keep getting crap when i try to trace it. Can someone that doesn't suck help me come up with a decent image to cut this guy a boat? :-)
  9. I had the same issue lastnight. I have a MH-871 and SCAL had crashed, then it started doing the weird random throwing letters in the wrong place...I rebooted my computer, and turned off the plotter for a few minutes and it worked great, until something crashed again.. SO.. my resolution is going to be...... getting new software. LOL
  10. swise83

    Resources for Blank Baby Onesies & Bibs

    I ordered some from Amazon, came out to like 80 cents a piece.
  11. swise83


    I see someone on Wichita Classifieds doing the same, it irritates the hell out of me, but I figure, she'll get caught. I asked once how she got the rights to use Bad Boy Mowers so easy and she deleted the comment twice.
  12. swise83


    Thanks!!! I've learned a lot the first few rolls of vinyl i ate up, but now I'm having fun. So far i have made ZERO money doing this, but NOW, NO MORE FREE!
  13. swise83


    I've had my plotter for about 6 months now and i just wanted to share some of my creations.... I bought it basically to do my Husband's work truck.. and I made the decals, he installed, so don't count me down for them not all being 100% straight lol