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  1. Hello im trying to cut stencils with cardstock paper but had some questions. What kind of card stock pound can I use? Also do I need a mat to go under so I don't cut my cutting strip on my plotter? What angle blade should I use to cut the stencil. Please let me know. Thanks in advance for the help. I'm also using SCAP if anyone has tips in cutting these stencils.
  2. How do you guys price your decals?? Do you guys use a formula or something?
  3. Is there another cutting software to use other then the SCLAP 4 for Mac??
  4. MPaguagaJr

    Contour cutting.

    I have a laser point II and want to make some stencils. What kind of thick paper can and do you recommend I use? Also which blade do I use for cutting?
  5. MPaguagaJr

    Sure Cuts a Lot pr0 4

    Yea. I just got it. 6 months ago and wasn't able to get a serial for it.
  6. MPaguagaJr

    ***How To Video*** Simple Vectorize in Inkscape

    Does anyone have a better video on how to make a vector compass in inkscape? Im trying to make one but I am having some trouble..
  7. MPaguagaJr

    Sure Cuts a Lot pr0 4

    Yea thats true. I find it a little slow but I know they will have updates weekly. I like the new layout.
  8. MPaguagaJr

    Sure Cuts a Lot pr0 4

    Do you guys like SCALP 4??? I'm thinking about upgrading but not sure yet..