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  1. bayotle

    network help?

    The IP address needs to be on the same network as your computer. Most use a class c subnet ( the 3-255's indicate the network ID if you have an ip address of, your network is You also need to make sure it's a unique number, so if you have, make sure the printer is something like phone, gotta run but that might help a bit...
  2. bayotle

    dropbox was hacked

    You should know better than to attempt thinking Rodger!!! So anyone miss me? Didn't think so!!! Back to my hole in the wall w/my 5th! Oh and my 2cents about posting online.... Everyone gets hacked, h3ll, SocSec got hacked and 1.2 million ssn's were stolen, if you think dropbox or anything else online is a safe place, think again, if someone wants it bad enough, they'll get it... Ok, now back to my hole in the wall!
  3. bayotle

    Wireless print server for WF1100??

    Do a search for wireless usb print server, tons out there for 50-60
  4. bayotle

    Wireless print server for WF1100??

    I'm here to help so ya welcome - i think, though not sure that was meant sincerly! BUT was told on multiple occasions that we are all here to help each other and since I dont wanna get yelled at for not helpin a brotha out, i donated a peice of my 35 years of experience - free of charge too! That is until I hack USC-4um and get everyones name and address, then let the mailings begin!
  5. bayotle

    Hello...anyone out there???

    <--- not to repeat but still not here
  6. bayotle

    Wireless print server for WF1100??

    Wireless should only be used when there is no other option, it's slower than wired and less reliable, also prone to outside interference. Windows has built in networking in which you can share printers, disk drives etc. (Print from your laptop to your desktop that has a printer attached). You just simply have to share the printer and map to it.
  7. bayotle

    WinPCSign Pro 2010

    In reality one software package can run twice as fast as another, and on the same machine. Has to do with the language it was written in and how good the programmers are... Take windows for example, the worse written pos out there, patched and hacked since 95, it can bring quad core computers to their knees!
  8. bayotle

    Hello...anyone out there???

    <--- is not here
  9. bayotle

    Tell me about the job your most ashamed of ..

    Dayum Rodger, a tutu is the thing hang'n around ur arse! You'd think the pink comment would have been enough for you to figure it out!
  10. bayotle

    Tell me about the job your most ashamed of ..

    ok you two, place nice!!! (and share the tutu!!!)
  11. bayotle

    Bayotle rumor ??

    I'll count that as one of many blessings!
  12. bayotle

    Bayotle rumor ??

    wht is my momma doing with a picture of you??
  13. bayotle

    Bayotle rumor ??

    Rodger, that doesn't even look like me! Did you pull that from your family album??
  14. bayotle

    My 1st ORDER!!

    Looks great - I'm just really surprised no one here mentioned you made the sign upside down!