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    Stupid Question

    Has any one ever tryed to use Plastic Wal-Board Knives For Squeegees? They are used for taping wal-boared with plaster and paper tape to cover the seam come in a 3 pack 6", 8"and 10" at Home Depot for $3.94 You can even get a 12"
  2. nocutter

    Avery- Gmi Vinly

    Thanks I think you both are right just reordered Oracal 651
  3. nocutter

    Avery- Gmi Vinly

    Recently I found a Store here in Las Vegas (XP SIGN SUPPLIES) to buy Vinyl the only thing they have is Avery - Gmi Vinyl so I got some (5 yards) to try can't say I like it much, It is very hard to weed, because the glue strings and lifts everything around it at first it was the blade was not set right but that is not it. Not only that, after it is weeded and taped the graphics and letters will lift if left sitting on a flat table. So I am thinking maybe the vinyl is old or something but it was cheep and no shipping,but if you can't use it what good is that? I am going to try Green Star I don't how good it would be for car windows I have Oracal 651 and that works good.
  4. nocutter

    Barter deal I made today.

    Thanks for the info.
  5. nocutter

    Just Starting

    Hi All, I may have to change Username from nocutter because I just ordered a Cutter from Us Cutter. It is not here yet but when it does come I will have to change my username to dummy with a mh871
  6. nocutter

    Barter deal I made today.

    I don't have a heat press, and just got my first cutter from US Cutter (34 inch mh871) I want to do some T Shirts for my grand-kids What's a good size for a heat press? if i wanted to buy one I did find a vinyl that you can use a household iron with - EnduraTEX heat transfer vinyl, but I don't know how good that would work. I wish Us Cutter had this vinyl.