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  1. help with identifying this font

    Too small to work well with "find my Font
  2. No, I mean converting all your text to outlines (objects) this way they will be un-editable as text but are seen as objects in VM....I assume you have no trouble with the cross outline. Sue2
  3. I mostly use CorelDraw instead of AI....but, if I had to guess, I would ask if you converted your text to curves before saving as an eps/svg file....then importing to VM. Sue2
  4. There are some files here in the Graphic Requests section...use the search tab. Sue2
  5. Image help

    Too small to trace well...not to mention the grey watermark... You will have to enlarge it and redraw/recreate it yourself. Sue2
  6. Anyone have a ripped open hole vector for heat press on a t-shirt. Preferably just black. TIA - Sue2
  7. Anyone able to help with this font?

    OPTIAmericanGothic (Medium) (Free) or Copperplate Thank you "Find My Font" Sue2
  8. I’m back but how long?

    The black & white is spectacular even! You have a good eye.
  9. I’m back but how long?

    Nice work Primal.............
  10. New Mini Heat Press

    I wondered that too...but right now the home crafters are using a regular iron ...I would think this is a $130 step up from there. They don't know they could get a "real" heat press for just a bit more....but it sure will take up more space. Sue2
  11. New Mini Heat Press's Cricut's answer to the home crafter's heat press needs. We all know the standard home iron does not give good results... A neat little machine...only 11" square....but good for kids shirts and smaller designs. Sue2
  12. Gremlins stole my fonts

    Find My Font was able to identify the SB fonts....... although one at a time. I opened the font file and captured the font image in FMF... Find My Font was able to identify the actual font name from the search there. Sue2
  13. Looking for lost font

    Similar but not exact: Trademarker Bold Italic SF Intellivised (Bold Italic)
  14. Gremlins stole my fonts

    If it worked for one font it should work for all...but that will add 200 mystery fonts to your font folder. Perhaps add a folder in the Font folder and put the SB fonts in you use/need them, rename them and move to your regular font folder. This way the fonts you never used won't clog up your computer font cache with unused fonts. Sue2
  15. Epson ecotank printer

    Thank you...I would be using it with the pigment inks for transfers. I have always liked the Epson nice quality output...just not the head plugging. Sue2
  16. Epson ecotank printer

    How long have you had it? Have you had any printhead clogging problems? They're supposed to use a new printhead design. Does this come with pigment inks? Sue2
  17. Gremlins stole my fonts

    Maybe you could copy the fonts in the "sbfonts" folder and install/paste them into your Windows Control Panel Font folder? *****I went into my 2009 version of SB and searched for "sbfonts" and found the font folder/ files.... BUT they are all re-named SBF_001...etc. No way to see what font it is without opening it....cut & paste may not work for this. Sue2
  18. Help with graphic to be digitized

    Good job....most of us can't do it that well fully awake! Sue2
  19. I even stumped with this one....anyone else???

    You need to get "Find My Font"! It's better than the online freebies. AddCityboy (Normal)
  20. Text to Shape

    Sorry, don't know about VM but here's a tutorial for Illy: Maybe search for warp text to a shape. Sue2
  21. HELP!

    Snickers Straight (Normal) Squished down a bit.
  22. What the "H" ?

    Thank you..........."Find My Font" is amazing at times!
  23. What the "H" ?

    Looks like a modified version of: OPTICommercial-Script (Regular)
  24. heat press

    Don't listen to that person again! Dave's video is good...shows how to do it well. Sue2