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  1. Sue2

    New PC needed

    Recently I had a local Computer Business build a computer tower to my requirements... he did it at half the price of an online offer...check around! It may work for you. I already had keyboard & monitor. Sue
  2. Sue2

    Can't find this one...

    Can't seem to find this one... TIA Sue2
  3. Sue2

    Can't find this one...

    Yes...there were a bunch that look very similar to this one... I think we are our own worst enemies ... we try to make designs/text exactly like the original... when in truth, our customers wouldn't usually notice the "fine points" we obsess over!!! LOL
  4. Sue2

    Can't find this one...

    Even closer is Buttercup....I thought maybe just taking the letters that didn't look altered may work....the "u, i, c, a, r, k"... Lesson learned... the other letters were altered and Find My Font couldn't find a good match. Sue
  5. Sue2

    Can't find this one...

    Yeah...that's pretty close...I can make it work with a few node edits. Thanks Dakota!
  6. Sue2

    Re-usable stencils

    I have a customer looking for re-usable stencils....I have no source for those. Any suggestions? Not real big ones...maybe 12" x 18" maximum. TIA Sue2
  7. Sue2

    Number font help

    Find My Font says Mexside Demo Regular find it at Dafont
  8. HTV or Screen Printing for work shirts? It's a hard one to answer now with today's improved vinyls. "How does HTV hold up to washing? Is it durable? Will the letters peel? Which would last longer" I had a new customer ask this recently. I told them I thought HTV & Screen Printing would hold up about equal. We don't offer screen printing so I just gave them our HTV price. They needed 20 shirts so either method would be practical. The attached photo is what they were replacing and it was screen printed. Considering the wear on the shirt, I would say that screen printing held up really well and I told them that. They were checking around because the screen printer who made those had doubled the cost.....and they were looking for less expensive alternatives. Never heard back from them so I guess they went the screen printing route again or found someone cheaper. What do you all think? Thanks! Sue2
  9. Sue2

    Should I get a heat press?

    Get that press out of the box! Heat press is really fun. ...and here are your first two shirts for yourself...I personally have one of each!
  10. Sue2

    font help needed

    FMF is very very even lists similar fonts. Searches through fonts both online and in your computer... Well worth the purchase price.
  11. Sue2

    Help, please!

    Try this commercial font: King Basil (Regular)
  12. Sue2

    Font help 2

  13. Sue2

    Font help 2

    I would guess it's hand made...there is no consistency on the width of the strokes. The top and bottom angles of the "D" aren't the same. The angles on the "A" are all over the place...not at all even. The width of the top of the "D", "G", "A" & "F" are all different. Just trace it........
  14. Sue2

    Font Help

    Comic Panels (Regular)
  15. In CorelDraw it's called step & repeat....and, the VM tools are very similar to those in Corel.
  16. Sue2

    Full Color Decals

    I always consider the return on investment of the long after purchase will you make PROFIT dollar #1. More equipment means: >>> More production space needed >>> More or someone else has to run the equipment >>> More maintenance... both in time and $ >>> More raw material costs >>> More material waste...not all jobs print like you imagined >>> More time not selling & fulfilling Although you will improve job turn-around time with in-house equipment, you will lose your own personal time. Is it worth it? Will the home produced product be of the quality you are currently receiving?
  17. I need to vent! I made a two sided 2' x 3' coroplast sign to encourage residents & passersby in this corona virus pandemic. I put it out in front of our business yesterday at 2 PM and it was stolen during the night! REALLY PEOPLE???? Hard to believe someone would be so crass as to steal this attitude lifter. So, now I am printing window signs that will be mounted inside . . . it's not the same visually but it will have to do...I don't have extra cash to waste on another outside sign. Sue2
  18. Sue2

    Authorization to Keep Business Open

    And thanks for the are my new t-shirts!
  19. Sue2

    New to vinyl. Need a cutter.

    Third word....."REVERSE" image....(for heat press stuff).
  20. Sue2

    Authorization to Keep Business Open

    Great idea.... I've been trying to come up with a humorous t-shirt concerning the virus....THAT could work! I'm wearing my "Patience Tested" t-shirt's appropriate as business is near nil!
  21. How small? I have a Graphtec 6000 and was impressed how well my machine cut this swirly floral design that my sister picked out. That's the tip of an X-acto blade. Of course, the cutter blade was nice and sharp and I used Siser EW. But this was still a job to weed! 1/4 inch is about as small as I want to cut lettering.
  22. Sue2

    Which software do I buy?

    I would say no one program can cover everything perfectly. The more "tools" you have in your toolbox, the more options you have. I regularly use CorelDraw for layouts, flyers, vectors and so forth. But for photo editing I prefer Photoshop over Corel's PhotoPaint. And for brochures InDesign is ideal. Publisher is good for newsletters....but has no graphic editing. So, plan on eventually having several programs to cover all you do. Start with one that covers most of your needs and learn it well.
  23. Sue2

    jpeg to site?

    I tried that site on a couple of easy traces and the vectors were coarse. They would need a lot of cleaning up... I could trace it myself with better detail.
  24. Sue2

    Design software

    My "go to" program is CorelDraw. It's quite versatile as you can create both raster and vector designs, flyers, etc.... I have Illustrator but have never been comfortable with it...too intricate for what I do. PLUS, I don't like their new "rental" only program... At least you can still buy a disk for Corel.
  25. Sue2

    Help identifying this font

    Find My Font says: Becka Script Com (Regular)