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  1. Can someone tell me what this is?

    Find My Font says: PhoenixScriptFLF (Regular) with outlines Sue2
  2. Need some help please

    Except for the last "s" LydianOpti Cursive (Regular *Oblique) Is very close.... The connecting (spacing & welding) YOU have to do in your graphics program.
  3. Just starting out

    Good deal...leaves extra cash for HTV supplies, extra blades.... etc.
  4. Font Help

    Low resolution images are harder to get correct matches... try: Trajan Pro (Regular)
  5. Design alignment.

    I too get overly intent on the centering & straightness of a shirt graphic. BUT, take a minute to put that shirt on after it's pressed.... the body beneath the shirt affects how the shirt hangs....and what the graphic looks two bodies are alike either! SO, unless you are WAY off on the placement, most customers will not notice a slight shift one way or another. Just my experience.....but, I happen to have a good eye for straight and centered....others may not. Sue2
  6. Font help

    Find my font isn't perfect but....very, very good. Sue2
  7. Font help

    Norican (Regular) Similar: Wrexham Script (Regular) or Script MT Bold (SC)
  8. Hi and thank you

    As above...Siser EasyWeed is by far the easiest HTV to deal with and a good "feel". I was lucky, many years ago I found a used Hotronix 16 x 20 heat press & Cap Press locally... Then, someone on this forum was going out of business and selling their stock of HTV. What a bounty! Multitude of colors and brands.... I haven't had to buy anything but black & white for quite a while. Sue2
  9. Hi and thank you

    It's already in your will do fine. Now you need a good heat press! T-shirts are REALLY fun! Sue2
  10. Actually, I primarily run a small print & copy shop...(cut vinyl & HTV are add-ons) and we have both Corel & Illustrator available to use. But the need to be able to create scalable vectors is necessary in printing also for logos, banners, garments...etc. Like Dave, I use Corel mostly because of speed and ease of use. I especially appreciate the fact that all graphics/photos used in a file are actually a part of that file and not linked to outside sources. I have noticed that Vinyl Master has very similar commands & actions as Corel.....that MAY be a good reason to try Corel first. Sue2
  11. You don't need the newest...I can use CorelDraw X4 on my Windows 7 machine. But I also have X7 on my laptop.
  12. "Easy to use" depends on the user. Everyone will have their favorite programs. No matter what programs you choose for designing & cutting you will have to spend time learning the "Ins & Outs" of how to create and cut your vectors. This learning curve takes time and effort. It doesn't come without it. For myself, I prefer CorelDraw over Illustrator for creating my vectors. SignBlazer is a nice cut program but I fear its life is limited with advancing technology. VM Cut works fine for cutting my Corel files. Just my 2 cents. Sue2
  13. What font is this?

    IFC RAILROAD (Bold) Thanks to Find My Font
  14. WG...Does the parchment leave a more matte surface than a Teflon sheet?
  15. Help with this

    That design is for air heads!
  16. Some Printed decals

    Mostly I noticed shrinking after time outside in the sun...maybe after a year or so. Sue2
  17. Some Printed decals

    I use Jexar coated adhesive stock in my aqueous wide format and with the Epson pigment printer. Then apply Lamex clear laminate over it... The colors hold up very well but I have found the sticker edges start to curl up over time... like maybe the Lamex is shrinking some. Sue2
  18. Some Printed decals

    How're the colors holding up in the weather/sun? Sue2
  19. Best 15x15 press?'s ON SALE right now for $220!
  20. Font ID

    Your font is "Sketch" ttf. But it looks like they filled in the "sketchy" parts to make it cut as a solid. Best font software out there right now is "Find My Font" Sue2
  21. I keep a copy of this chart by the heat press to help with size & placement. Sue2
  22. Good job...are they spelled right? Checking spelling is actually step 2 after creating the file It wasn't that hard now was it?
  23. I do that too! didn't mention weeding...I'm sure you meant to do that though....right?
  24. Anyone know this one?

    I first read it as "MARITAL ARTS"......wonder what that would cover!
  25. You don't have to re-do everything...just try a bit different motorcycle graphic. Sue2