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    Hi everyone I am new here and have a few questions: 1. My rollers seem to be leaving marks on the vinyl. Is this normal or is there a way to adjust them and if so how? 2. How much vinyl is needed per cut? For example when the cutting starts the vinyl rolls in and out a few times and I can't seem to get it to cut at the ends so I am loosing a lot of vinyl. Any tips on this? 3. Where does everyone get their monogram fonts? 4. What settings should the cutter be on an dhow are those adjusted? I know the set-up guide said 500 and 100 but is this what the majority uses? Thanks so much to everyone reading this and hopefully I can help answer one of your questions one of these days!
  3. On the SC cutter the carriage belt is supposed to thread through the machine and then where is it supposed to hook in the right endcap?
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    Carriage Belt

    thank you. That is done, but the other side is undone and it looks like it is supposed to go through the machine?
  5. I just received my UsCutter SC in the mail. I have installed everything and set it up but it appears there is a belt that isn't attached on the right side. I think this is the reason the carriage will not move side to side when trying to set the origin. I was wondering how to fix this or if anyone has had the same problem.