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  1. I'm not sure what the cutline is but the head gear measures each ear pad 6" x 5" with a convex oval area about 3 3/4" with no holes. The straps holes are all around the sides. I think the print area will be about 4x4 oval with approx 1" on the outside. I hope I'm clear about size. Would any of these be heated to work with or adhere to surface? That is the part I'm not sure of. I'll leave material up to your discretion and expertise.
  2. No, what I was looking for was to send you the art work with the size needed I would probably 50 decals at a time. I pay and you print them up and send them back. This is not something I'm doing to make a fortune. I want to put them on myself. I understand it will take practice and patients. When I saw it being done they were heated and formed to the head gear with a blow dryer right on the spot. The customer picked the pattern( from samples) and paid to have them put on their headgear.
  3. Thanks OW, I am going to contact Papillo and see what they recommend. I appreciate the help nobody has offered to outsource to me.
  4. Mopar691, I noticed you said you've done hundreds? is this something you can make for me? or tell me exactly how I can do it? I have a high end laser printer will this work? Is Convex the material I should use? Can I do this with a small investment? I would really appreciate any information you can provide me. Thank you, Bruiser
  5. This is all very new to me. I just retired and would like a hobby. I recently attended a wrestling tournament and they were selling decals to adhere to wrestlers head gear. Can anyone tell me how I can get started? What I saw was them applying decals that I'm sure they made to the gear with a hair dryer. First how can I make or copy the decals (Best program). Should I use a vinyl plotter? Like I said this is all new. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. See sample attached. Bruiser