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  1. I have a SignB;azer file of it if you would like.
  2. vrpro

    First big project

    Looks good. You should do well seeing this is an example of your first works. Good luck.and just enjoy what you do, that is all that matters.
  3. vrpro

    a few misc items

    Thank you for the complemt. Means a great deal.
  4. vrpro

    new here

    Very impressive work!
  5. vrpro

    Guitar I just did for a friend.

    Didnt effect it at all. Used a 3m vinyl
  6. vrpro


    Looks fantastic!!!
  7. vrpro

    New look for my topper

    Nice wlrk
  8. vrpro

    Tailgate advertisement

    Here is another source for fonts you may find handy. http://www.1001freefonts.com/ If you need more I will gladly help.
  9. vrpro

    New Washing Machine for the Princess

    Love it.Very funy
  10. vrpro

    Latest Truck

    Used that font before as well. A pain to weed but love the way it comes out. Love the truck, great work.
  11. vrpro

    Anniversary Banner

    I must see it now as well......
  12. vrpro

    a few misc items

    Yeah it was a pain. Cutting was only 4 hours using 3 cutters. Weeding took 2 days and Install 1 day. All in all it was an interesting job. The customer actually wanted more however I talked him out of it. Now for the funny part. At the time my brother in law was wanting to learn and come into the business. He had worked for me about 2 weeks and felt he was ready to take a project on his own. I felt he was ready and tottaly stayed out of it. END RESULT (ROFLMAO) and as I said I stayed out of it as we were really swamped. He charged 210.00 for the entire job! Took 3 of my best weeders to weed and tape. Then one of my installers to help. Needless to say to this day I poke fun at him over it. He DID learn a lesson on bidding jobe after that.
  13. vrpro

    a few misc items

    THe propane tank was already painted. I just did the 3 color logo. Thanks for the coment
  14. vrpro

    Another store front.

    Another one I would like to see what others would charge. Cut and layered.