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    Font help please

    Capone GG also fits, but commercial.
  2. GraphxNMore

    Font help please

  3. GraphxNMore

    Texts are outline & can't really see them

    Click view->show outlines only.
  4. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    How do I adjust it to be 8.5x14 instead of 8.5x11? (CS6)
  5. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    There's no minus front in CS6. I send the smaller one to back, but minus back does nothing in the program. I get a message saying groups... yada yada.... this function may have no result....and it doesn't. There's a subtract, but it yields no result either.
  6. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    One more question.... When sublimating coffee mugs, I need a rectangle at times for a guide. If I draw a white rectangle and add stroke, the white "fill" area always leaves a slight pinkish box. I've made it true white and even turned fill off, nothing stops it. I tried to do a minus back using two rectangles, but it won't do it. I can have the exact desired frame in 6 seconds using Scalp. Not sure what I'm missing. Clipping mask won't work either.
  7. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    That's what I needed. Thanks! ( I never messed with it there in fear of screwing my sublimation settings, I figured there'd be a setting somewhere else)
  8. GraphxNMore

    "Show print tiling"

    When you "show print tiling"..... the box that shows your 'paper edges'.
  9. GraphxNMore

    SG400 & Ricoh 3110 waste tanks

    Are they the same? They look identical. The SG400 is just supposed to be a faster version of the Ricoh. EDIT: I see a difference now, The electrical connection is vertical on one and horizontal on the other.
  10. GraphxNMore

    Cutting direction question

    I did a couple items in November. We put our house up for sale, boxed everything up. Got moved in late June. I've done a few things here & there since moving in. Another thing I've noticed with the refillable cartridges is the amount of time from powerup to ready status is considerably shorter.
  11. GraphxNMore

    Cutting direction question

    They actually have more vivid colors. Another thing I've discovered is I can reduce temperature to about 330 degrees on most items. I still use the profile Conde set up.
  12. GraphxNMore

    Cutting direction question

    I've tried them all, and it's opinion. If he likes the layout, then try to help him. If you don't know the software, then scroll on past the thread. It actually makes you look like an a$$ when you get on here and basically belittle people because they don't use "professional" equipment & software. Yeah, that whole "my graphtec" looks like another jab. But you get on here and always bad mouth it, especially since the namesake of this forum don't push it any more.
  13. GraphxNMore

    Cutting direction question

    So you admittedly tried it "years back", yet you continue to trash it, thread after thread??
  14. GraphxNMore

    Cutting direction question

    Say whatever you want, but SCALP has all the features you need to do any job out there. We use ours with a Titan 2 and do complex 4' decals all the time. Just throwing that out there.
  15. GraphxNMore

    Eye test needed

    FMF isn't finding a match. I've done everything, even brush editing in paint after pasting & cropping. Any ideas?
  16. GraphxNMore

    Eye test needed

    Man, that's real dang close. A few curved edges here or there. Nothing I can't straighten though. Much appreciated!
  17. GraphxNMore

    Comparable font to LHF Scriptana

    This font is ragged, for lack of a better term. Does anyone know of a smoother edge font that is close, or a way to clean it up without hours of node editing?
  18. GraphxNMore

    Comparable font to LHF Scriptana

    I have the font. It’s to “distressed” as one jack wagon already said. The problem is we were needing to cut smaller text to do ads on sleeve of youth T-shirts. The edges were too rough to get a decent look. Thanks for the great help. Seems like all you get in this site is a smart remark.
  19. GraphxNMore

    Comparable font to LHF Scriptana

    But no help, huh?
  20. GraphxNMore

    Forever SoftFlex

    Has anyone worked with this stuff? Seems quiet expensive on the transfers, but takes out the tedious weeding. Best prices I could find is $120 for 25 sheets 11x17 in size.
  21. GraphxNMore

    My Tripplite Keyspan won't work

    I've had 4 different cutters connected to my laptop via USB using SCALP and never have had a keyspan adapter, and never had any issues.
  22. GraphxNMore

    US Cutter costumer service

    Is some of the best around. Unfortunately, I know from plenty of experience. Everything from wrong vinyl or color being shipped out to faulty cutter out of the box to our most recent experience with a press. Our swing away started binding up when trying to open, so we bought the dual, sliding platen 16x20. First time we got the wrong press.... no way to attach the sliding mechanism. So we had to box it up and ship it back to Washington (we live an hour and 15 minutes from the Memphis location, but can’t just take it back there, even though it was never used). So I go pick up the replacement. We check it before I leave out, and sure enough... wrong press again. We get the right one and I get home with it. Open it up to get started on a 98 shirt order that’s multiple layers. The display wasn’t even visible. You could stand to the side and see it, but that’s not feasible. They sent a replacement display to no avail. So now I’m boxing this one back up and ..... you guessed it..... back to Washington. I don’t think I’ve bought a single piece of equipment I didn’t have to spend a week or more lining out for one reason or another. But we love the vinyl! #RantOver
  23. GraphxNMore

    Worst. Customer. Support. Ever.

    Who was the actual seller? If the seller was US Cutter, then they should've helped you. The pic means nothing. Look at the seller's name.
  24. GraphxNMore

    Sawgrass 400 ink

    This is what I bought.
  25. GraphxNMore

    Need help identifying a font

    A little late to the party, but it's Tiger Rag with added effects.