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  1. I know there is someone out there looking for a quick project. Long story short. (2) 15'x3' and (2) 8'x3'. I can email pictures if you need them for an idea. Graphics provided. Just need them printed. This will be a repeat order every month or so. They are for a oil tanker. As the tanks come in for maintanence they are stripped of the old logo graphic and these new ones would be applied. Anybody interested? or message me here.
  2. BrianMaruska

    Facebook ads a rip off?

    Apart from my graphics business I also work 8-5 as a Digital Sales Manager at a local radio/tv group. In the past 3 months or so there have been many questions raised just like yours but in dollars amounts 1000s times yours from larger companies. Several large profile clients like big box stores and even smaller boutique stores have set up trackers that track exactly how many people come to their site from a certain "destination" - is this case Facebook (They are easy to set up if you wanted to see where you are getting most of your traffic from - Google, Craigslist, Facebook, etc). You're not alone in your feelings and I can honestly say AT THE CURRENT TIME do not waste your money on Facebook advertising unless you're doing it through their corporate Ad Exchange which is a whole different program than someone that just managers a page can buy. Have to be licensed with Facebook and blah blah blah. There are much better options out there for digital advertising depending on what you're looking for in terms of Click-Thru-Rates or even just general ad impressions. Site retargeting, behavioral targeting, channel targeting, etc. Too much to get into on here but if any of you guys have a question I would be more than willing to answer!! ps - Paying for your Google search results are quickly becoming obsolete as well.
  3. BrianMaruska

    Not so pretty up close...

    Yeah those would probably work themselves out after a few days in the sun. The best luck I have had in a wet install on 'plast but I still end up with a FEW bubbles either way. Nature of the material I guess - I have come to accept it
  4. BrianMaruska

    Needing Help.. Yet AGAIN!

    My SC cutter does that sometimes when I am hooked up with a USB. You should be okay with just making that into two separate cuts or even more as long as you're comfortable with spacing something yourself. Best workaround I have been able to come up with when in a pinch on my cheaper cutter.
  5. BrianMaruska

    Large Regional Car Show - Would like advice.

    I just signed up with a "MailChimp" like service for exactly this purpose. Great suggestion to start growing that list! Thanks! I thought about this - similar to the above suggestion. I'm not sure what to giveaway though. Unless I can maybe tie in another business that I do a lot of work with and give something nice away. And I can definitely pull off that same look if I bought a nice Subaru to give away Considering making a large decal example board for something like this but I am wanting to maybe push more of my wraps, shirts and banners.. Does someone charge somewhere in the range of $5 per small decal? But I feel as if then I get into the issues of having different colors of each decal. Any further thoughts? I see that a lot with other type of vendors - metal workers, painters, etc. Drives me nuts. A lot of good advice here! THANKFULLY this event is 100% all indoor. I work "full-time" for a local radio group selling advertising so I happen to do A LOT of cold calling for that and it sometimes drifts into my side business stuff as well on appointments so that helps. I do have two garage stools that I printed up with my logo on them that I will put on my list. They kinda fit the bill for the event AND would make a good example of something else I can offer. Want to bring on my printed rugs as well.
  6. There is a large regional 3 day car show coming up in Rapid City in early March. I have never set up at a car show nor much more than a "Heritage Days" table. I have two cars that I have wrapped to include in my booth as well as shirts, jackets, banners, etc. to display a lot of things that I do to benefit both car companies that will be at the show as well as the projected 12,000 people in attendance. I have two 8 ft sections of grid wall to set up with hooks a junk for shirts, hats, etc. I plan to try and sell a few things as well as offer some "show deals" on banners and even rough estimate car wraps. I will have my iPad with card reader available for any sales/deposits. Has anyone else ever set up at something similar to this? Just looking for some type of direction of things I may be missing.
  7. Need a quick favor.. Looking for someone to convert a newer CS file to CS5 or something that would work. Any takers?
  8. BrianMaruska

    need this fighting cancer one..

    Does anybody know what font that is?
  9. BrianMaruska

    SignCut Pro - Jogging Question

    Tried to search but couldn't find much of anything that was relevant.. I am currently cutting out 20,000 stickers for a client of mine.. Numbers 1-0 1/2" tall. Cutting a sheet of 1's, 2's, etc at a time it is taking about 2 hours per sheet or number. The problem is that my cutting point is jumping from number to number and the jogging back and forth is what's racking up the "miles" and added time. All the numbers are perfectly straight both horizontally and vertically (or x and y axis). Any ideas? I have tried it with both Step by Step cutting on and off. Ideas?
  10. BrianMaruska

    oracal 951

    My rollers leave an imprint on every piece of vinyl I cut with exception of Siser EasyWeed. Maybe my pressures are too high on there? I personally have no researched the engineering differences between 651 and 951 but from what I have seen in the past from cutting both and duration of both.. The 951 may be a more "sensitive" vinyl, yes; But will last far longer on an outdoor application/durability setting. Just from what I have seen. But.. It is quite expensive indeed!
  11. BrianMaruska

    all the sudden cutting everything twice

    I loaded it into my SignCut Pro via Illus. CS5.. SignCut Cut Preview only cut it once.. Cut it out on a scrap and only cut the design once as well. Kind of strange.
  12. I don't do embroidery.. But I have a lot of customers that want to bring in their personal apparel (jackets, hats, etc.) and have them embroidered per their liking. Been getting quotes from local suppliers to just have it outsourced locally plug margin markup.. Have had two places want to charge $75 digitization fee/design while others will only charge $25/per. Curious to see what you guys charge?
  13. BrianMaruska

    Anybody have a limo of sorts?

    That's great. I really appreciate it!
  14. BrianMaruska

    Anybody have a limo of sorts?

    Not looking for anything particular.. Just a basic limo car, truck, hummer, etc.
  15. BrianMaruska

    another one, mainly for a subaru people.

    Boxer engines.