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  1. speleopower

    Just Updated SCALP

    I was reading on the Craft Edge site they have added a cart to SCALP to shop for eshapes on their store. Doesn't seem like a good reason to update from .51
  2. speleopower

    Sorry for asking a dumb question.

    Just use Inkscape to draw and then import the draiwing into SCALP. SCALP is good cutting software but not so good on the design portion. If you can just make non-reusable stencils out of vinyl for your airbrushing. Vinyl material is very inexpensive and easy to cut multiple stencils quickly. I quit trying to make reusable stencils shortly after I got my vinyl cutter. Basicly I thought the holy grail was reuasble stencils. But now it's much easier and produces better results to have straight up vinyl stencils. Scott
  3. A friend wants me to cut a graphic for him and he send me the following attached .eps file. None of my programs will open it. Can someone please try and open it and let me know if it's just a junk file or whether it can be switched to .svg. Plus I just found out my friend created the graphic on a CAD program and saved as an .eps so I don't know what is wrong with the file or even if it is usable. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks-Scott CDE3.eps
  4. speleopower

    Cutting Small.. SC series?? HELP!

    The Greenstar vinyl isnt suited to really fine cutting from what I can tell. Blade should barely be sticking out as in barely be able to tell it is there with a magnifying glass. On my SC machine I always use 1 for pressure and 200 or 300 for speed. Also, get a Keyspan adaptor for USB if your using a USB.
  5. speleopower

    Some of my recent projects

    That's for sure. The Kanji paint mask is the most detailed cut I have been able to do. Luckily it's a paint mask so I was able to weed the tiny parts out using very fine tweezers.
  6. speleopower

    Some of my recent projects

    It's been awhile since I posted to the forum and wanted to show off some very detailed cuts I was able to make using my SC machine. These are paint mask stencils for a model airplane a friend is building. You can see a ruler to get a size approximation for the cut stencils. The upper graphic is a rub on decal that I was able to copy to make the stencil. Scott japanese kanji 525 backup.svg
  7. speleopower

    Update to 3.053 problems?

    I"m on version 3.051 and when I click on "check for upgrades" SCALP tells me there is no upgrades available. So far 3.051 is cutting well so I will stick with it. -Scott
  8. speleopower

    Rounding corners ??

    You may want to download Inkscape for design. Then export to cut in Sure Cuts a Lot Pro 3. I have had zero luck designing more than a very simple drawing or lettering in Sure Cuts a Lot. Scott
  9. speleopower

    Tablet anyone?

    I have a Galaxy Note 2 and there is only one app I have found that barely works and I have to export the drawing as an .svg file then email it to myself on my laptop then open it in Inkscape then do any conversion or fixing if it will even work at all....basicly get a Notebook computer instead of an Android based tablet at this point. Maybe in the future there will be something good. There is 2 apps for Android I have found: Vector Artist and the other is Infinite Design neither work well as far as I can tell. I get frustrated quickly with them. Maybe a Windows based tablet would work better. But still a used laptop or even a new laptop is the way to go at this point. Scott
  10. speleopower

    Need True Japanese Alphabet

    Here is the Hiragana. http://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=hiragana
  11. speleopower

    Customer Service

    Did the problem get solved and what caused the problem to begin with i.e. "weedlines"?
  12. speleopower

    not cutting sharpe

    How jagged is the cut? Could it be the stepper motors and/or belt tension causing a "jagged" cut?
  13. speleopower

    Trying To Make Arched Text Look Right...Please Help

    Use SignBlazer and/or Inkscape for design and SCALP for cutting.
  14. speleopower

    Android tablet/cell phone vector app

    I've been using Vector Artist a little bit and it does seem to work. I have not created anything crazy with it but now I know if I have an idea on the go I can jot it down. Has anyone used one of the Windows based tablets to run Corel or Inkscape and also Sure Cuts A Lot? I have been eyeing a Windows based tablet. Scott
  15. speleopower

    SCALP 3 Tracing Question

    Yes pretty much saves time plus it's kinda a cool feature to use.