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    I think it would be nice to have a spot in the community for the members to place pictures of the work they do with their cutters.I would like to see the creativity that comes from the people who use their cutters. Just a thought. Bill
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    Thanks to Marcus!!!!

    I don't get on here at all anymore. but then again I hardly get on anywhere much. But I just wanted to login to give a Personal Thank You to Marcus. It was about 6 years ago when they started marketing the Copam cutters. I had a Copam CP2500 delivered to my door from US Cutter with a letter from Marcus. It was given to me for the help I had given to this forum. I still have R2D2. But it stays in a closet and never sees day light. I also want to give a testimony to the Copams for those who are thinking of buying one. For 6 years I have used and abused my Copam! I have done pen plots than took 2 to 3 hours to complete. Now, I have bought a GMC Value Van and I'm selling etched glass and doing on site blasting. I have that Copam bungied to the wall and I drive the hell out of that van. It still makes the same great cuts it always made. So Marcus, you wanted me to put this cutter through it's paces and see how it would perform. I would have to say after 6 years of use it is Excellent! Thank you again Sir!!!!
  3. +1 on the external powered hub !
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    Newb from Texas with some questions!

    Welcome from North West Texas! Inkscape is the all around program for most. And I have Signblazer, But I use Flexi 7.5. The flexistarter is a very good program that is reasonable. You should have no problem running a cutter from a laptop with xp. And I use a local blueprint shop to buy my vinyl. If you can do the same it will save you in waiting for delivery and shipping charges. Hope that helps. Enjoy the forum!
  5. If the graphics are large, sometimes they have a lot of nodes to read especially if the design has detail. The 721's only have 4 megs of memory and all of those nodes it has to read when you send it to the cutter fill up the memory. But if it's running and doing it occasionally, then it would not be a problem with the usb port. Hope that helps.
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    The prolific driver is in the support page at UScutter. The link is below. They also have a driver for the usb/serial in the refine section if this one doesn't work.
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    I had to download the prolific driver for the usb/serial cable on mine. But after that I had no problems at all.
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    MH 721

    I bought my 721 years ago and it's still making me money! When this forum first started, there were a few people who had problems with the 721's and most of the others. But the majority of those problems were user error, Not the cutters. They are a cheaper brand and not the sturdiest stands but still all in all they get the job done at an affordable startup price. They are compatible with the newer software. In fact they are more compatible now than they were when I got mine.
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    Great to see old members coming back

    It's good to see Ken back. To me, losing Ken was probably one of the worst ideas USC has had. He was a tremendous help to the newbies and the old guys as well!!!!
  10. You have to have the blade depth or pressure settings wrong. The cutter does not know if you are running a pen or blade. It runs on commands. If your blade is set too deep, it's dragging on the vinyl and making the unwanted cuts. Or it could be you don't have the vinyl pulled tight across the cutter and it's cutting lines through the high spots in the vinyl.
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    question about mac,nothing to do with cutters

    I have 3 gigs on my laptop, and youtube still lags! I think it's because they make so much for every ad that flips, so they deliberately lags the vids to make money.
  12. My house was built in 1944. My whole house is wired on one 20 amp breaker. Like John, I have never put a ground wire on any cutter. But, with carpet on my floor, the last thing I would do is put any one of my cutters on the floor! That's a good way to zap a motherboard just walking by it with static built up in the carpet.
  13. Send arc commands should be in the production manager under advanced settings. Go to the production manager, the to setup properties for the cutter, then job defaults to the last tab and you should see it.
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    Zen or Copam

    My Copam has given me many years of income with no problems
  15. If you're using fix, check the production manager and see if "send arc commands" is checked. If it is, uncheck it. But if you have been using another device with the same cable, I would say that your port settings have changed either in the software, or not set up correct at the cutter. But saying the cutter is grounded just because it has a grounded plug is wrong. Static builds up in the vinyl when it's running and travels from the roll of vinyl _ On the stand_ and travels up the vinyl sending the static through the cutter head.
  16. I would say communication error between the cutter and usb cable. I use flexi 7.5 and windows 7. But just a usb cable did not work. I had to use the prolific cable that came with the cutter to convert serial to usb. Once I installed the updated prolific drivers, I had no problem at all. But if you unplug the cable to run another device, it will change the com port settings in win 7.
  17. If you look around on other design forums you will see that most of them, at least a few years ago did not give out much information a as far as actually using a cutter. When this forum started, we tried helping not only setting the cutters up, but helping people to learn the steps needed to make money with their cutter. I don't try to communicate with the local shops here. But it's only because I prefer to get the help or supplies I need from other sources. I think all semi large towns have the same types of graphic designers though. Some who would offer help. And those who would try to find your customers and undercut you to get their business.
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    Which would you buy?

    My Copam has been making me money for years with no problems.
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    Harley Davidson

    I can tell you that a friend of mine a few years back was selling copyrighted material and the company sued him. And even though he only sold a few hundred dollars worth of their product, he ended up having to sell one of his erection trucks for $65.000.00 to pay for the lawsuit and lawyers fees. So if you think they care how many or how much you make off of their name - You are wrong!
  20. thredz

    Are they all Capable

    If you're planning on doing window tint, you will need a 60 inch cutter. But it will do all you need short of doing full color vehicle wraps. But I don't think you will find a 60 for 700.
  21. Raise the blade depth and make sure the vinyl is pulled tight when you set the rollers.
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    It's called " offset" and you can find the settings in the production manager. Check your advanced settings.
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    I'm counting 16. So I'll throw in a thank you just for the hell of it!
  24. I use flexi 7. When you set it top plot in the production manager it fills the design instead of a wire frame.