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    Need Help :/

    SIgnCut has it's own drivers built into the program. I'm not tech enough to know how all that works but I do know that they have the pull down menus that you just select your cutter and away you go. That may not be the case with Sure Cuts.
  2. Wildgoose

    What type of HTV is this???

    Agree with Dakota. That's a half tone type area that they screened a dot matrix to get that look.
  3. Wildgoose

    Industrial decals

    I think those guys have their own little supply chain for products and whatever ink or foils they use. USCutter doesn't sell anything like that as far as I know. I looked into them long ago when I was investigating thermal printers. Full sized printers are really expensive but those little label makers are under a grand. That sounds like a lot, and it is but in the printer world that's like pocket change.
  4. Wildgoose

    Industrial decals

    Labeltac has a small size label maker that is probably what you need for this application.
  5. Wildgoose

    Font Type "Formal Script"

    The closest free font will probably be: OPTIOndine Five Regular
  6. So to be sure we understand. You open the cut window and the vinyl looks like it's the wrong orientation from that pictured. You click the rotate checkbox so that the view looks like what you actually want it to do but it cuts opposite from the view in the window. But if you do not check the rotate box it still cuts opposite from the view but is the way you really wanted it to but the view is incorrect. Have you cut a small test file with the rotate box checked and unchecked to see if anything happens. It's weird that it looks one way but cuts another.
  7. Wildgoose

    Need your assistance , Sure Cuts Alot 3 Pro

    Are you cutting on multiple machines from the same software?
  8. One in every crowd... slice you crack me up sometimes Gary there will be an option to rotate the feed somewhere within whatever program you are using.
  9. Wildgoose

    Import image but I can't cut it

    Glad you got it up and running. Great advice for other newbies too... it takes some patience and diligence at first. You will have a great time with t-shirts. Just remember to mirror your work because you are actually cutting on the adhesive side of the vinyl. I have gotten in the habit of saving my files reversed so I don't forget to do it.
  10. Wildgoose

    Import image but I can't cut it

    Your Basic version of VM is going to be limited in what it will let you do would be my guess. The upper levels of the program have more of the good stuff I'm afraid. That's pretty common with most design programs. The Inkscape option is a good starting point due to the zero cost. I don't like it much but that's partly because my brain is wired for Illustrator which from what I understand is sort of like learning a reverse polish calculator. I CAN tell you the trace engine in Inkscape does a pretty good job once you learn how to use it. Like haumana said, when making text always find the font and type it natively within whatever program you are using. There is basically no program that will effectively auto trace text and have it look good. I don't auto trace much of anything including complex designs just because they never come out clean enough for my OCD tendencies and I want my stuff to look crisp and clean. You are on the learning end of things so you'll struggle some at the first but it will come easier as you keep practicing and gaining experience.
  11. Wildgoose

    Import image but I can't cut it

    If you DO have Illustrator in your program line-up I have posted a tutorial in the Adobe Illustrator section of the forum that has some helpful set-up information that may make life a little easier for you too.
  12. Wildgoose

    siser recommendations needed

    I agree with darcshadow. 15" seems to be the most usable with the least waste. You can save most of your scraps and find uses for them too. Unlike sign vinyl you don't need a mask on regular HTV so if you use a weeding box so you can see where the edge of the current job came to you can cut off and save any excess if it's still a wide enough piece to load into your cutter. I usually save anything that is at least 2" wide and find times to use them for names and other small add on's often. Some times due to availability or brand I have had to get 20" wide and usually seem to waste more at that width. 12" is a bit lacking or you have to turn the graphic sideways and then end up with waste that is just a bit too skinny to be usable as scraps or you have 20 feet of 2" stuff etc.... HTV ain't cheap so every bit you can conserve is good. Don't forget to mirror your design!
  13. Wildgoose

    Tunneling when rolling up vinyl!

    HT55 is specifically designed for mat finish vinyl. I talked to the manufacturer about what makes it different. They told me it has extra adhesive that allows some to sink down into the mat finish better than regular paper app tape and that's why it works a little better than some other options on mat finish vinyl. I have a roll and it seems ok. Nothing works great on mat finish even the HT55 struggles to do what I would consider a GREAT job but I think it's the nature of mat vinyl. I use Rtape 4076 most of the time which is one sticky step above the 4075. Either of those are a great choice for cut vinyl. The biggest problem I have is you have such a large roll of tape that keeping them from drying out before you use them up can be an issue. THat's what happened to my HT55 I tried to save it for only mat finish but I rarely do mat and it started to dry out so I used it up for regular work. To be candid I don't do a lot of regular vinyl work so my stuff sits around too much. I do mostly HTV these days.
  14. Wildgoose

    Import image but I can't cut it

    You are using Photoshop CS5 do you have the whole suite including Adobe Illustrator? Illustrator is specifically a vector design program and your best option if you have it. I use CS5 myself but only use the Illustrator portion.
  15. Wildgoose

    Should I get a heat press?

    I used to do a little of everything. Now I do almost exclusively tee's and other garments. Not a lot of profit per piece but if you make 30-50% mark-up on the shirt itself and then make some money on the cut, weed and press you can make bank in the end especially when you get into large orders. When you DO start to get large orders that are becoming too time consuming to cut and weed or have too much coverage area to be practical with the cost of HTV you can switch to plastisol transfers like F&M. My order sizes have gotten so big that many of them have to be plastisol just due to the time it would take to prep all the vinyl. I use a rule of thumb of about 25 shirts but if the coverage area is large I go for plastisol with less than that sometimes. Takes a little longer to send off the design and wait for the transfers so if it's a rush then HTV wins the day. I suggest a swing style press if you have the space in your work area to allow it. They let you have the best experience in getting everything straight. The budget models of swingers are generally fair quality as far as even heat. Most budget presses will be off with temperature so be sure and check with an infrared heat gun to verify. The clam presses are usually cheaper but the really cheap ones do not have a center point load and will not allow the platen to adjust to thick garments properly. Get at least a 15"x 15" anything smaller is hard to get your placement right. Another cool aspect of this arena is if you DO screw one up you're usually only out about $3-$5 and some time to re-do. When ordering large orders I always bring in a couple extra of the predominant size in case I make a mistake. I build those extra shirts into the cost of the quote and keep them if I don't mess up.
  16. Wildgoose

    Heat press lock

    Any press typically have an over center lock that will hold it during the press. Sometimes they get worn and sloppy and won't hold well. Some brands have an electric auto open feature but they are usually higher end machines. I am not familiar with that brand you ave but I would try adjusting the pressure a little and see if it's just not set right.
  17. Wildgoose

    ISO Distressed Flag

    When it comes to this kind of stuff I have found that if I didn't have the skills or more likely the time to build my own I have good luck finding a sales deal at one of the vector sites. There are some freebies out there but they usually hold the good stuff back for a price. The only ones I have in my collection are ones I have paid for and therefor can't share due to copyright restrictions.
  18. For all who do HTV work. I recently received a new 50yd roll of Siser Stretch White and the application instructions on the sticker have changed from 305 for 10-15 seconds to 320 for 20 seconds. I called the tech line and asked what was up. They said they have had too high of a percentage of lifting and decided they needed to make an adjustment to combat problems. So this is retroactive to all the stretch products and not a new adhesive. I know that the stretch line uses something different than the regular non-stretch as evident when trying to remove a missed weed item after install. Almost impossible to do on the stretch where you can just reheat the regular non-stretch and pluck it out. This will affect the workflow a little especially when working with a combination of stretch and non-stretch. Siser North America tech help suggested a middle of the road approach in these situations. Reduced dwell time at the higher temp. I know from personal testing that I did on my own that Siser of either variant can handle a lot more heat than they recommend. I did some tests clear up to 350 deg and did not see any visible signs of trouble other than just a touch of adhesive coming out along the edges that was visible if layered. At the time I was trying to determine if I could layer the Siser with some Stahls products that needed 320-330 degree temps. Color choices being what they are I needed one from Siser and one from stahls. it was the only way I could get the correct color schemes on a certain job. It layered successfully without issues. I am a little bummed out about the need for this change because it has been one of the best parts of the Siser Easyweed line that it was at the same time and temp for both of those two products keeping the workflow simple and I prefer the lower temps especially when pressing 100% poly products. Just wanted to get word out if no-one was paying attention to their application instructions (which I would ordinarily have not bothered looking either but it caught my eye accidentally).
  19. Wildgoose

    Which RTape is this?

    I think his question is the other roll. What is it? Maybe look back at what you ordered and write it inside on future unmarked ones would be smart. I for one will pay more attention to my own rolls since I read this.
  20. IMO if you take reasonable efforts to determine that it's not out there (Skeeters instructions would qualify I would think, I am not an attorney though) you would have done due diligence in attempting to stay on the high road. If you get a Cease and Desist letter you'll know you missed something. That's my $0.02. I agree with darcshadow that most basic phrases are safe but there are works of word art that people put a basic phrase into beautiful design that would be infringement if you copied the design layout or even if it was derivative it would be technically breaking the letter of the law. If you have some shirt sayings ideas that are unique or a layout and look that is your own those are the best.
  21. Wildgoose

    Newbie and clueless

    Here is one that shows some pics. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/20225-carriage-wheels-in-wrong-place/&tab=comments#comment-160916
  22. Wildgoose

    Newbie and clueless

    Is the knife dropping down during the cuts and back up to the next object? If it is not moving up and down then there is something related to that messed up. If it looks like the little arm that holds the knife or pen is dropping down but it's just not reaching the material then the carriage issue is probably what's up pr you have your blade holder improperly mounted. I don't have that cutter so I don't have pics but I have seen others post pics about this issue. You can probably find the threads with some searching on the forum. Initial startup is probably the most frustrating time of being a new cutter owner. Too much new tech and not sure whats actually supposed to happen. Be patient and you'll get it going with some time.
  23. Wildgoose

    Multi color cut simultaneously

    Cut at once as in load several colors into the machine and have one cut file? Not happening, or at least not very effectively. You can cut weed and then either install in layers or layer then install all at once. My experience has been if they overlap there tends to be more bubbles when pre-stacking but when each color layer has it's own space with clear space between each layer it is great. If the application is going on a compound curve then definitely worth pre-layering and just put up with the bubbles. They can be popped and/or chased out if they are of any size. The super tiny ones will usually disappear after a few weeks of expansion and contraction. As you gain experience you'll have less bubbles. I know I really sucked at first but practiced and got better. Still a newb compared to a lot of those pro's out there.
  24. Wildgoose

    New to Forum and vinyl work

    Welcome from Idaho.
  25. Wildgoose

    How low tack is low tack?

    That is your application? Is this like a stencil or something? If you are trying to transfer vinyl over it will need to be strong enough to get the vinyl off the carrier. Finding a single sheet os going to be a challenge more than finding a low tack app tape that only comes in really long rolls.