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  1. Steel546

    Decal vinyl on banner material?

    So, I'm wondering. I'm making some banners for a business, just black lettering on some yellow banners. Would using decal vinyl work just fine (Oracal 651) or would I need a heat vinyl, like Thermoflex Plus or what have you. Thoughts?
  2. Steel546


    Pretty cool, hm?
  3. So, I'm trying to find out which is the most cost effective per value and I'm curious who has used them. I currently use Thermoflex Plus and have no problem with it. I used to use Siser Easyweed, which was great for the hot release, but over time the edges started to curl up making the image look a little funky. But I'm wondering if anyone has tried any Spectra Eco-film. I really just don't want to buy a sample pack if I can get enough feedback elsewhere (though I know it's subject to criticism). Opinions?
  4. Steel546


    I hope some of you got the title. Friend loves Tails, so I decided to make some Sonic/Tails stickers.
  5. Steel546

    ecocut giving trouble

    I have an EcoCut as well and had loads of trouble with SignCut. Try Signblazer instead, it made a huge difference for me and saved a lot of headache.
  6. I was considering getting an off-lease Dell to use for the cutter only with a serial port, but I might try another option first. If I go serial, would it be better to get a PCI card or a USB adapter? I don't know if anyone has tried it or if there's a performence difference between the two.
  7. So when I cut larger projects, my EcoCut would just stop in the middle. My friend who has a MH721 said that his did the same thing, and once he went from USB to a serial cable it worked exponentially better. I've also heard that this could be a memory issue and could get a memory upgrade chip. Ideas? Two sets of questions: 1. Should I invest in going serial or memory upgrade? 2. If I go serial, should I get the USB-to-Serial adapter, or just get a PCI/PCI express Serial card? (It just seems redundant to go from USB to USB/Serial). Thanks!
  8. Steel546

    Rather confused

    I have this same exact machine and I still have problems when cutting Easyweed. Try using your Roland, but before hand spray "Static Guard" on the back. It's weird, but it works, haha.
  9. Steel546

    vinyl scrap pieces

    This seems like a very "green" and helpful idea. I like it.
  10. Steel546

    Need a better application tape

    Hmm, I'll look into it. It was cutting deep before, but I changed the pressure and the actual amount of blade that was sticking out. I'm really just looking for a good clear tape to use.
  11. I have one and I love it. I've had some issues, but it turns out that most of the time it was never the cutter itself (static, programs, etc). I have a whole Adobe suite of programs, so I either design in Photoshop/Illustrator and copy the vectors/lines into Signblazer. I had so many problems with Signcut, when I went to SignBlazer I was a little disappointed that it was so easy, haha. I know not many people have purchased the EcoCut, so if you do get it and have some issues, I'll be glad to try and help out.
  12. Steel546

    Need a better application tape

    Is it clear or does it look like masking tape?
  13. Steel546

    Need a better application tape

    So I've been using Enduramask Application tape, but it's been giving me some problems. I'm using Oracle 651 and some 631 vinyl, and the tape doesn't always stick to the vinyl, or pull the vinyl off the backing. I'm a little new and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a different tape. I'm also looking for a tape that's fairly clear, as Enduramask is kinda hard to see through when I'm double layering. So to sum up: - Not sticking well - Prefer clear application tape Thanks!
  14. That is the weirdest fix, but it worked. Haha. Thanks!
  15. I actually ran a wire earlier yesterday and it still hasn't worked. I've cut other things in easyweed that made the carriage go back and forth more than just what this does. It just seems odd to me that the program stops sending data. It has done this is SignCut too.