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  1. mfatty500, you have any suggestions for a starter heat press?
  2. Thank you Wildgoose, Your a lot of help. Do you have a good place to buy wholesale shirts.
  3. I checked that one out and they have one that bundles with 5 15" X 5 yds of the Easy Weed vinyl. Is that a good vinyl? Is it worth paying the extra $50.00.
  4. The customer brought me the shirt and I typed up 5 words and applied it. It was a joke for a friend of his. I told him 15.00 and he insisted on me taking $40.00 so i came out really good on this shirt. And got the practice.
  5. Thanks for everyones help with getting my machine dialed in and cutting Good now. My first and only shirt turned out great, even with the iron. The Customer refused to pay what I asked for and paid me twice the amount. The iron worked great but now it's time to purchase a new heat press and I'm not sure which one is a good starter press. I'm going to use it to do my own shirts for our welding business and eventually be able to make them to sale. Small scale starting out until I get mine perfected. Any suggestions. Thanks ahead for any help!
  6. Which one do you recommend, Siser or the HTV? Is the vinyl all that I need to just make this one shirt?
  7. I will probably stick with USCutter from now on. So far everything that I have ordered has worked well. I have had some problems with the Griff Decorative Film prime series Metallic but I started double cutting it and It's working now. I own a welding and fabrication shop and the metal vinyls go over well with my logos and everyone loves it. I just have to get good enough and confident enough to make them for my customers. Do you use the same transfer tape for it as you do the Oracal 651?
  8. I ordered it from Swingdesign. I will look up the Main Brand and try it. Any suggestions for the best vinyl for a shirt and what all I need to order to make it a success. I am for sure a newbie and could use any suggestions.
  9. The item description says Orcal-Trans-06; Oracal Transfer Tape
  10. Thank you MZ. Skeeter. That does make a big difference and is working great except with the oracle transfer tape.
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. I think I finally have my blade set. My vinyl is weeding good and leaving just a little of the design on the paper. I have been experimenting with my transfer paper now and I am not having any trouble with the transferRite Ultra 592U Paper tape heavy tack or the transferRite Ultra Clear 1310 medium tack tape. My problem is still with the Oracal Transfer Tape. The vinyl will not release and stick to it. So I took the Oracal off and replaced it with the transferRite Ultra Clear 1310 and it released with no problem. Back to my T-shirt. This is just a shirt that I am making for a friend. It already has a design and were just adding ------ ------- is my hero to the shirt as a joke. But I am charging for the material so I do need to get it right. Once I get my machine dialed in right and cutting correctly then I do plan on buying a heat press but for now I am scared to put myself out there because I am not happy enough with my vinyl to sale it. I think I am ready to order my vinyl for the shirt and see if I can get it to cut right. Any suggestions of what I need to order to make this easier. I purchased this machine to cut my decals and to eventually do my own shirts for my Welding business. Hoping to be able to save money but would really appreciate it more if I could make money with it also. I appreciate all of your help and very grateful for this site.
  12. I have used the 45 and 65 blade set up to half a credit card depth. The test cuts look fine and I am using Vinylmaster LTR V4.0. I have tried- Greenstar, Oracal 651, Griff Decorative Film prime series Metallic ( the metallic tears and is worse than the oracle vinyl- expensive and was a waste. I'm stuck with 10yards and would love to be able to use this. I have a welding shop and the metal vinyls are very popular if I could figure it out...lol) TransferRite Ultra 592U paper application tape, high tack TransferRite Ultra Clear 1310 Tape with printed grid, medium tack TransferRite Ultra Clear without grid, medium tack TransferRite Ultra 582U paper tape, medium tack Oracal Transfer Tape And for the one shirt, I will probably just use my iron until I can get the machine part dialed in right and I have not even tried any of the vinyl for the shirts yet.
  13. Help would be much appreciated! I bought the 34" MH 871Vinyl Cutter a few months ago and I have had more stress out of it then success. My decals either don't cut, cut to deep, won't stick to the transfer tape and a lot of times won't release from the tape to be applied. I have tried several different vinyls, transfer tape and new blades and something always goes wrong and I end up wasting a lot of vinyl and time trying to fix something that I am not even sure if if will release from the tape once I get it on there. So I get an order for one t-shirt and of course I don't have what I need to make it. But my big worry is buying unnecessary things or the right things. Supplies are to expensive to just waste and not to work at all. If someone could just guide me in the right direction then maybe I can make this fun again and not such a stressful thing that I couldn't wait to start and now am on the brink of quitting. Thanks