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  1. Scratchthejeepguy

    Customer instructions

    I was hoping for more of a short description of instructions. Something like the PDF you showed. Thanks!
  2. Scratchthejeepguy

    Customer instructions

    I'm trying to write installation instructions for my customers and would like to see how you all word yours (if you have them printed up) Anyone want to share their customer installation instructions?
  3. Scratchthejeepguy

    New to this!!!

    Id steer clear of the MH cutters. ive seen lots of posts about people with problems with them. I'd say the lowest you'd want to go is the SC cutters. i also think the VM Cut software (which comes with the cutters I think) should be perfectly fine to start with.
  4. Scratchthejeepguy

    What to bring for wall install?

    So yesterday a customer finally nailed down exactly what they wanted and I cut it out. I got them all covered in transfer tape today and they want me to come install it tomorrow (if all goes well with their timeline). I'm wondering how I should prep the wall and what I should bring? This is my first real install on an indoor wall, and I don't want to forget something stupid that I should have brought. This is a painted Sheetrock wall install of 3 large decals about 70" X 36" using 631 and paper transfer tape. I've already tested the walls with 751 and it stuck very well. Here's what I'm thinking to bring, let me know if I should bring anything else: Vinyl Blue painters tape Ladder Level Tape measure Pencil Exacto knife Scissors squeegees Cleaning cloth How should I prep the walls? Common surface cleaner, or soapy water spray, then isopropyl alcohol?
  5. Scratchthejeepguy

    Help needed! Applying transfer tape to large vinyl

    Can anyone else see this link? I can't for some reason.
  6. Scratchthejeepguy

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

  7. Scratchthejeepguy

    Help needed! Applying transfer tape to large vinyl

    I have 3 large vinyl sings cut from 631. They are about 70" X 23.5" I need to apply transfer tape and the tape I have is paper tape that measures about 24-1/16". Are there any videos or tips on getting it straight and not having it miss the vinyl? I guess maybe I should have gotten wider tape to be safe.
  8. Scratchthejeepguy

    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Welcome to the site. I'm into Jeeps also! See if any of your buddies remember a guy named Scratch that drives a gold Rubicon and has an area in Hudson called Flatfender Farms to wheel in. I used to have events a couple times a year. Good luck on your purchase!
  9. Yes, I've already taken a pic of the walls and measured the ceiling height for a mock up picture. I learned that from making metal signs for the past 15 years or so with my CNC plasma cutter. Great tip to bring up by the way! One that some people may not have thought of.
  10. Yeah, it was my fault that they decided on 24" tall letters. I could have easily said 23" was the max and they wouldn't have cared. They just wanted really big letters. I'll know better next time. Still not sure if I'm going to just make them smaller, or end up turning them 90 degrees and cutting them separate. Either way... I'm going to get some wider transfer paper. I want to try the paper stuff anyways.
  11. Ahhh. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. When you say "here" do you mean buying from USC? where do you buy your materials from?
  13. Thanks for your formula for RTA. I was hoping someone had a price per inch they used and would share. so if the 8" stacked words worked out, (which they won't I now know at 24" x24") you'd charge about 59 per sign? also thanks for the overlapping tip with the bubbles. bubbles are for blowing...
  14. I was planning on cutting the HDS letters separately and having them 24" long, and like 18" wide (or whatever the scaling works out to be) I'm happy with that amount of waste, and you're right... The math doesn't work out for the other 3 words but I think I could stack two words then turn the last word 90 degrees and put it at the end.
  15. The transfer tape I have is 12" wide so with overlapping one edge, I could probably get 'er done. Maybe I'll just use that since I really only need it for the 3 letters anyways. The 12" stuff I have will be fine for the 8" high letters. Im using an SC2 which I think has like a 144" length rating so I should be fine with doing it all in one shot, but I hate the idea that I'll have about a 14" by 75" piece left over. I was hoping that it was a standard practice to nest images together to save material, then just tape them together when applying them. thanks for your input!