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  1. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    So what is the benefits of a wet application? Just allowing it to move easier for positioning? Anything else? Does it help with air bubbles? I made this three layer sticker today. The white and black came out perfect, but the blue had bubbles in it. I installed them dry, one layer at a time.
  2. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    I've been seeing people say to not use the plastic type transfer tape in a wet application since it won't let the moisture escape. Is this true? Can I use it or should I get some paper transfer tape also? I'm using Oracal 651 vinyl.
  3. Sample display boards?

    Thanks all. I have some aluminum sheets and coroplast here that I will try. I think I'm going to also try colored plexiglass.
  4. Newb questions about my new SC2

    @cardudenc Your daily driver is on 38's! You're more of a man than me! Sounds like you and @Wildgoose both have some nice rigs! My main trailrider is an 03 Rubicon on 36" TSL/SX's with beadlocks, a 5.5" RE Long arm lift, 8274 winch and stock engine. Pretty basic, but it works for me.
  5. My wife has a hair salon and it's very busy. I'd like to display a bunch of stickers on some sort of flat sheet that can be easily picked up, moved and looked at. I tried using one of those white foam boards but there's just a little bit of texture to it and the vinyl looks just barely "rough". I even tried some bare steel and it looks better but it still has some texture. I'd like to use something super smooth like glass, but I'm concerned about it breaking, and I'd like it to be double sided. What do you use?
  6. Where to store your extra blades, or knives?

    Well I found a spot for all my stuff. I can store my extra blades, squeegee, Exacto knife, pick, and tape measure in the bin I screwed to the cross member and upright. Then I drilled some holes in the cross member to hold up to four carriage holders, a pen holder, and a scissors. I also mounted a tape dispenser on the other side just in case.
  7. Roller marks on my vinyl?

    Maybe I'll just leave them then and bring the heat...
  8. Roller marks on my vinyl?

    Hmmm... that's the kind of answer I was hoping I wasn't going to get, but kind of expecting. Good tip on using heat. I'll try that.
  9. I'm getting roller marks on my vinyl. They don't seem to be going away even after I apply it. Is there a best way to adjust those adjustments in the back? I have an SC2 and am using Oracal 651.
  10. Newb questions about my new SC2

    Plasma tables are fun. A LOT more messy than a vinyl cutter, that's for sure! The reason I got the vinyl cutter was because I had customers want me to do very fine lettering or details on metal signs that the plasma cutter just couldn't do. I'm excited to make some cool stuff with it! As far as Jeeps... I've had over 30 open top Jeeps in my life, currently have 9. Mostly Willys. 1 MB 3 CJ2A 2 CJ3A 1 CJ5 1 CJ7 1TJ
  11. Newb questions about my new SC2

    Sorry... I meant I just tried exporting a file as a DXF like I do when I plasma cut (my plasma cutting table uses DXF's not EPS) I just wanted to see if I had the "convert text to curves" box checked when I draw something up for plasma cutting, which I do.
  12. Newb questions about my new SC2

    Thanks for the tip fellow Jeep fan... I use Corel for my CNC plasma cutting and always convert the text to curves right after I type out and decide on a font. It makes it easier to size and edit as I'm sure you know. I've never seen this exact screen though as for my plasma cutting, I always convert to DXF. I'm assuming that by me doing it right away it's the same as checking the box correct...? EDIT: I just tried to export a DXF file like I do for plasma and a similar screen shows up. It also has the "convert text to curves" box checked. I'll just check it now in case I ever forget. Thanks again!
  13. So I just got my first vinyl cutter, an SC2 and so far it works perfectly, but I'm wishing there was somewhere to easily store the extra blades. I know on the Cricut or Cameo or some of the small cutters I've seen a little opening in the bed to put extra blades in. I'm thinking about screwing a little storage box or something to the cross brace of the stand of my SC2 to store my extra blades, an exacto knife, scissors, pick, etc... anyone else do anything like this and have a pic to share with what you put in it? My desk with cutting mat isn't right by the cutter so I'd like to have an exacto knife at the very least, right with the cutter. Any input?
  14. Newb questions about my new SC2

    That's what I wanted to do, but thought that maybe I shouldn't need to and I just had it installed incorrectly though. I did it and it's fine now.
  15. Newb questions about my new SC2

    I used Corel to design that "Edge Metalworks" logo, then imported it into Vinyl Master. The "CUT" image from the 3rd pic was cut from the TEST function in Vinyl Master though. When you say "lower the pen" do you do that in software somehow, or do you mean physically push it down with your finger? Also, I can't find where to adjust the force in Vinyl Master...?