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  1. Scratchthejeepguy

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Welcome from Wisconsin!
  2. Are you sure about that? I don't have an LP3, but I do have an SC2 and the button layout is very similar. Yes the arrow buttons control the pressure and speed, but if you hit the LOCAL/PAUSE buttons, they will now control the head and rollers. least on the SC2.
  3. Scratchthejeepguy

    How will this cut?

    So you're saying that it's possible that my software (VinylMaster by the way) might (depending on how I draw it up) cut all the outside boxes in my picture first, then come back and cut the insides of those boxes? I know I can arrange all the cuts in order of fronts and backs, which should let me have them cut in whatever order I want, but I was hoping that it was intelligent enough to cut the design in order of what comes first on the roll.
  4. Scratchthejeepguy

    How will this cut?

    I guess maybe I should ask it a different way... If i were to cut a simple rectangle that was 20" wide and 48" long, the blade would drop and it might travel 20" across then the rollers would feed 48" of vinyl, then the blade would cut back 20" and finally the rollers would feed the vinyl back 48" where the blade would (should) end up exactly where it started. (I guess it could also go in the exact reverse order too but that doesn't matter) But if the rectangle was 20" wide by say...300" long instead, I would think there would be a greater chance that at the very end of the cut, the blade will not be at the exact same spot it started. I could easily imagine it being like 1/4" off or something like that because of the vinyl not feeding perfectly straight. i always thought that the better your cutter, the tighter the pressure is on the rollers, or the tighter tolerances or whatever it is, that lets it have better tracking ability and the cutter will be able to line up the start and end points better, which gives it a "maximum length" that the cutter will handle. Yes you can cut longer, but there may be some problems at the end of the cut. Is that what the max length is all about? Now I would assume that if the drawing is segmented like it is in my picture, the cutter doesn't really care. The drawing could be 100 yards long but the cutter is only cutting like 20" at a time so it should be fine... Correct? Yes, I know I could easily also just make I think 12 (according to my count in the picture above) separate pieces, then apply them separately... But I'm just asking hypothetically right now to understand how these machines work. As far as memory is concerned, I still don't quite understand the limitations, or need for more of it..... Yes the SC2 has upgraded memory from the SC, but it also boasts the ability to cut a design, then... if I'm understanding it correctly, the cutter could be unplugged from the PC and you can just hit the COPY button, where it will repeat the last cut job that it has stored in that memory. I may be understanding it wrong, but that's what I thought the larger memory was for. Larger memory = ability to COPY a more complex job without needing to go back to the PC every time to start the cut... Am I wrong? I would think that for example with a computer printer, the memory is being used by the computer, not the printer. As long as the cutter and computer are connected, there's no need for memory. I could be wrong..?
  5. Scratchthejeepguy

    How will this cut?

    I have a customer that wants a long piece cut out. It's a simple one color piece and is only about 20" at it's widest point so I'll use 24" vinyl rolls, but my machine has a max cutting length of 144" and this piece will be around 200" or more. Will this cut fine? I have attached a very rough draft of what he wants, for you to see. There will be some changes, but it will be in segments for sure. I guess what I'm wondering is: 1. Will there be a memory issue at all with a large piece, and if so... at what point does memory become an issue? Or is memory only an issue when the cutter isn't connected to the computer? 2. Will the cutter completely cut out the first segment, then move on to the second, then third etc... or does it cut all the inside holes first, or outside holes first, then roll the vinyl back to cut the others? I'm using a 28" SC2.
  6. Scratchthejeepguy

    Car Show Awards - No Parking Signs

    Nice job, they look great!
  7. Scratchthejeepguy

    651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    Thanks, didn't think of a gloss versus matte finish...
  8. Scratchthejeepguy

    651 for painted sheetrock walls?

    I think I've heard that Oracal 631 is best for painted sheetrock because it's easily removed later, but will 651 peel off fine also in the future? I have stuck some on a wall here as a test but am wondering if there will be any long term damage if I were to peel the 651 off in a few years. Deciding if I need to go buy a bunch of 631 just for painted walls...?
  9. Scratchthejeepguy

    boat vinyl

    Looks nice and I'm glad to hear that 651 lasted 6 years on a boat. Do you have any pics of it near the end of the 6 years?
  10. Scratchthejeepguy

    Hi all!

    Welcome from another SC2 owner!
  11. Scratchthejeepguy

    Starting new business looking for the best bundle package?

    Yeah, I think the only bundle that's worth it, is a bundle of vinyl colors. I'd pick and choose what else you need. If you buy a package deal you'll be paying for things you may never use.
  12. Scratchthejeepguy

    Hello From NC

    Hi from Wisconsin!
  13. Scratchthejeepguy

    How do you all make money?

    Honestly... I didn't really have much of a plan. I have a CNC plasma cutting table and over the past 10 years or so, I've made a lot of metal art and signs, but I can't get super detailed like some of my customers wanted me to with lettering and stuff like that. So I thought I should get a vinyl cutter someday to add fine details like that to my metal work, but never pulled the trigger. Plus I have a bunch of off road trails and a gun range on my property and want to make a bunch of signs for them, so I had a personal interest as well. Recently I had a friend that wanted to buy a firearm from me. He didn't have the cash but told me he'd put whatever I wanted to buy on his credit card in trade, so I said let's do it! I really wanted it more of a toy than anything, but was hoping I could also make some money off it as well. If I can't... no big deal. I can use it for friends and my trail signs and add to my metal work, but if I can make some good money with it, even better! I was hoping to hear something like "Small, back window car stickers have very low margins" or "I only make T-shirts now since they are my most profitable item" or something like that.
  14. I'm still new to the vinyl cutting world. I have my SC2 up and running and it's working great, but I'm not sure the best way to make money with it. What kind of products sell the best for you all? ~6" decals for car windows, laptops, Hydroflasks or smaller items Larger car decals Home Interior wall decals Custom orders of business window fronts (hours or names on doors) Large windowfront signage for businesses Making Vinyl Stencils and painting on wooden things HTV and making t-shirts, caps etc... Vinyl on drinking glasses, or stencils for sandbalsting on glasses? A combination of some of these maybe? Are there other things I'm missing that are good moneymakers?
  15. Scratchthejeepguy


    Hello and welcome!