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I want to be able to cut a mask for sandblasting.  I want to be able to cut upholstery leather.  I also want to be able to make vinyl signs.   Currently I have a cameo pro 24" and I have little faith in it and even wonder what it will and wont do and if it is even worth the time to work with it.  I use Photoshop, cad, blender and corel draw and can make any kind of DXF file.  I make a lot of dxf files from images.  My needs are not a program that creates text and graphics.  I know that part.  I need a cutter that has software that is simple to understand as far as making it cut files. 

I am wondering about tracker feed media, is it easy to find ? 

I currently have a 42" hp designjet pro that I refurbished and know how to use.  The ink fades and it would be perfect if I could find ink for it that does not fade. The designjet would be great if I could make outdoor prints with it. It appears the heat eject type print heads do not have the ability to push the type of ink that works for outdoor.

I am also asking if anyone has any experience with a cameo 24" pro ?  I have heard a lot things about it.  Currently I am going through the manual for that machine to make sure I am using it right. But a lot of people say its a poor investment but it might be they just do not have it setup right.   

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I don't think you're going to find a vinyl cutting machine that can do upholstery leather. at least not easily. A high end cutter, with multiple passes, and blade adjustments might cut it, but I'm not sure how well or if it'd be worth the hassle.

Sandblasting mask can be cut with most cutters, and standard vinyl can be used as a mask for most hobbyist projects.

Forget DXF, it is technically a vector file, but in reality it is just a bunch of short line segments and does not play well with vinyl cutters. You'll want to use EPS, .AI, or SVG. EPS is more or less the industry standard, although SVG is slowly working it's way in. 

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