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I had a customer that wanted a sign in MDO but all the letters were cut out. We are going to add them to a wall. Each letter is 16" tall took a full sheet to get all the letters cut out. Over all space is about 12' long and 4' tall. I have a cnc to cut the letters then they were primed, painted and clear coated.  I am just at a loss as how to price this one. 364797000_769570708508969_3064351024198698226_n.thumb.jpg.85eb2fd2c1f63e3710e989bf726813fa.jpg

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Although you did the letters from scratch, it might be useful to investigate the cost of these size letters from Woodland.

That way, you'll know what the price of individual plastic letters are to the average Joe who doesn't have the capabilities to cut them out of wood with a CNC machine.

When I quote a job for dimensional lettering, I'll triple the price they charge for just the letters, and then factor in the install process (affixing the template & drilling holes for the mounting studs into the wall). Placing these neatly aligned onto a wall is the main challenge, depending on how high up they're going to be. In most cases, a man-lift or bucket-truck is preferable, although I have seen it done with straight ladders, which is a PIA.

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