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Hey Hey! Its been a minute since I have been on any of the forums or even in this space but I am back and helping a friend out with a new store front design they are trying to get put in. Looking to partner with someone who does smaller quantity Banners/Wide Format Printing wholesale for us these days. 

Hope everyone is doing great, Have a blessed one!

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Are you seeking to partner with another Forum member, or would you like to just know of a commercial printer, like ?

I routinely just work with the Zooprinting folks, on projects that require 4-color stuff. It's easy and fast turnaround, with a good selection of products, like banners, yard signs, and decals and window perf. Not to mention marketing materials, like business cards, flyers, letterheads, etc.

Honestly, today's market requires "sign guys" to be involved with all facets of the branding and logo graphics for small businesses.
Locally here in Maryland, there's a company called "Strategic Factory" that handles everything from vehicle wraps to lighted signage, to interior wayfinder and reception-area wall signs, to printed brochures & more.

They are not wholesalers (zooprinting is), but if you look at their website, you can get a feel of the way this industry is moving.

Your friend should go over ALL his needs with you, not just the storefront appearance. The competition among retail locations (especially restaurants) these days is brutal, and he has to be one step ahead.



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Thanks for the info. There use to be some people from the forum that would help us out with our print needs but this has been years ago since I as around and I see things have changed dramatically with regards to working with companies as most have gone all wholesale and will only work with you if you are established. 

I have a 3 color that’s larger than I can cut nor easy to break up for trying to layer/splice so I would always reach out to a guy from up in Ohio who would do all my large format printing but I didn’t keep up and cannot remember his business name lol 

Just need a full color 4x8 banner and a few larger ~ 48”x48” 3 color window decals contour cut but will check with zooprinting and see if they might be able to help out. 

thanks again, have a blessed day! 

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You're welcome.

Just for reference, when I require a full-color banner, I jump right over to the website of and use their calculator to determine the pricing for my customer ( I at least double whatever their cost is --- hence the 1/2-Price name! )

For example, the 4x8 banner you're seeking is $50 on their site (plus shipping) so I would charge a client $125 for that. (plus an additional fee for design work)

Your 4x4 window decal is $41 each (I don't know what your 'contour cut' complexity involves, but most likely using a utility knife on a table would be the way to go on that, and just cut around the design freehand, much easier and cost-effective).
I'd bill $125 each on those, plus installation.

Good luck, and let us know how the job went when you're done. (post photos)


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