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  1. mountaingraphic

    Looking for a Wide Format Partner

    Thanks for the info. There use to be some people from the forum that would help us out with our print needs but this has been years ago since I as around and I see things have changed dramatically with regards to working with companies as most have gone all wholesale and will only work with you if you are established. I have a 3 color that’s larger than I can cut nor easy to break up for trying to layer/splice so I would always reach out to a guy from up in Ohio who would do all my large format printing but I didn’t keep up and cannot remember his business name lol Just need a full color 4x8 banner and a few larger ~ 48”x48” 3 color window decals contour cut but will check with zooprinting and see if they might be able to help out. thanks again, have a blessed day!
  2. mountaingraphic

    Looking for a Wide Format Partner

    Hey Hey! Its been a minute since I have been on any of the forums or even in this space but I am back and helping a friend out with a new store front design they are trying to get put in. Looking to partner with someone who does smaller quantity Banners/Wide Format Printing wholesale for us these days. Hope everyone is doing great, Have a blessed one!
  3. mountaingraphic

    Zombie Stick Family

    Hey guys! Its me again (manwayvan) was wondering if anyone had a zombie family to share? I cant seem to find any to buy Thanks and hope all is well! Is banner john still hanging around here?
  4. shit sorry I just noticed your end link stating you are using a drg system. Which one you got? I have been thinking about building one but wasnt sure as I heard the ink fades badly even on the kornet's

  5. Hey sorry to bother you but I noticed on your site you listed you can print hd res. Are you using a dtg system by chance?

  6. mountaingraphic

    Anyone seen this Army Logo

    Hey pandc if I was you I would combine it myself..check out all i believe that is the site as they have alot of vector packs with that same style design..Then get the arm logo and add the text at the top and your set.
  7. mountaingraphic

    How is this model?

    I have the pcut and have had 0 issues in over 2 years..Works great and has def paid for itself time and time again.
  8. mountaingraphic

    Could use a little advice or alot

    It really depends on what avenue she is wanting to persue or grow into: Epson workforce 30 with Cobra Ink Ciss pigment inks works well with tees and transfers as mentioned but you are limited to width Epson 1100 is a wide format printer(Still desktop size but can print 13x19). If you are looking at doing dye sub stuff as well as tee transfers you will need seperate printers.. For around 600 or so you can get a workforce 1100 with pigment and a workforce 1100 with sublimation inks and be set for everything.. Cobra will install the CISS in your printer for you if you can find a good deal on a workforce but as mentioned it all depends on what your wanting for the setup however since you mentioned a mug press you will be looking at 2 printers.. check em out and they have excellent support and service. +1 on the adoption and I even can clean house pretty decent as well..