Hotronix Fusion IQ 15 amp power cord on a 20 amp circuit

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The Hotronix power cord for the Fusion IQ is a 14GA, 15 Amp chord. 

I have a 20 Amp Dedicated circuit. A 20 Amp breaker, 12 gauge wire, 20 Amp receptacle. 

When search online, I see this: 

"14/2 wire can safely be used on circuits with an amperage up to 15 amps. It is dangerous and illegal to use 14/2 wire on a 20-amp circuit. "


 "14AWG wire carries a maximum of 15 amps. If a load draws more than 15 amps on a 15A circuit, the breaker will trip, protecting the 14AWG wire. But if the circuit is 20A, the breaker won’t trip even when the current exceeds 15A. A 20A circuit breaker trips when the current passes the 20-amp threshold. Any volume of electricity below 20 amps is perfectly acceptable."
Hotronix support said the unit may draw up to 17 amps.

I do not understand how this setup is safe.

Am I missing something?

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I think I have the answer.  

The heat press is set to draw around 15 amps. The power cord for the press  is rated to handle that amperage. The dedicated circuit rated at 20 amps is in case the unit draws more than 15 amps?

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The circuit breaker is to protect the wiring of the house not the equipment plugged into the outlet.

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